The Power of Gratitude – Your Key To Everything

The Power of Gratitude – Your Key To Everything

The power of gratitude really is as simple as being aware and recognizing all of the good things surrounding you. It is as easy as saying “thank you”, and really feeling it, for even the smallest of things. From the heat in your home during the winter, the food you eat which enables you to live, to the thousands of people who have dedicated so much of their time and energy to invent the modern technologies and luxuries we enjoy today. When you take the time to look, there is always something to be grateful for, no matter what your circumstances may be.

The law of attraction works by giving you more of what you are feeling. Therefore it is impossible to attract anything negative if you are constantly in an “attitude of gratitude”. This is because you cannot feel grateful when you are feeling negative! The power of gratitude is a force of love which is the strongest of all positive forces. Love is the culmination of desire, excitement, and appreciation with the complete absence of fear, doubt, and worry. By feeling grateful you are expressing, in the strongest way possible, your love for what you are thankful for. This signal, transmitted by you into the universe, will always result in MORE of what you are grateful for! Gratitude uses the law of attraction and multiplies whatever you focus it’s light upon. The more gratitude you give the more things will come to you to feel grateful for.

Think of all of the things you are grateful for right now. Go into detail with all of your senses. Every sound, smell, taste, image, and physical feeling. Everything that has ever happened to you that you are thankful for. The more you think like this the more things pop into your head to feel grateful for! You could write a book full of them if you had the time! The bed you sleep in, your shower, your shoes, your eyesight, computer, phone, favorite food, electricity, your vehicle, your hobbies, your money, water, beer, friends, sports, your ability to think, the strength in your body, your health, excitement, family, fun, and on and on and on. If you spent more time feeling grateful for these things and more you would feel great all of the time! Now understand this, for every second you spend feeling thankful for something, you attract more of what you are thankful for. And for every minute of your day you feel great, through the power of gratitude, that feeling will multiply within your life and future.

Train yourself to become aware of all of the things you can feel grateful for that you may be taking for granted. Don’t wait until you are sick before you feel grateful for health. Don’t wait until you are hungry before you feel thankful for your last big meal. Don’t wait until you are exhausted to be thankful for a great night’s sleep. In short, don’t wait until it’s gone! Be glad for it in your heart now. Too often, neglect results in losing what we want and care for the most. Which can then produce bad feelings, which if focused on, will only push them further away. This downward spiral can be reversed, however, at any moment by choosing to utilize the power of gratitude!

Begin and end your day “feeling” deep and sincere gratitude for everything you can think of until you are feeling positively amazing! Look for things to feel grateful for throughout your day. Make a game of it and whenever you enter a room ask yourself “what is there to feel grateful for in this room?”. Look for the best qualities in people when you see them and feel grateful for them. Actively participate in every moment of your life by feeling grateful for all of the wonderful things which surround you. Do this as often as possible until it becomes a constant habit. Do this until your natural mood is that great feeling of love and gratitude. Do this until it is no longer work to seek out and feel thankful for “everyday things” which you may have taken for granted in the past. The power of gratitude is one of the core principles of the law of attraction. It is the grail which holds the elixir of life and multiplies your every desire. Pour your love into it and you will never go thirsty again!