Is Fear Limiting Your Law of Attraction Results?

Is Fear Limiting Your Law of Attraction Results?

Fear can paralyze you. Typically, we think of the effects of fear in a non-spiritual sense. We view it as an emotion that stunts our physical actions and causes psychologically impairment. Most people do not see it as an obstacle to creating a perfect reality and limiting our all-powerful self. If you are reading this article, I will assume you are already familiar with a couple new age principals such as manifesting and the law of attraction.

The relationship between manifesting and fear is as dark is to light. The two primal emotions are love (creation) and fear (destruction). While there are many more emotions, the rest branch off from these two bases emotions. All emotions can be traced back to these two emotions. For life to exist and flourish, you must have both the light and the dark. However, we live in a society that pushes fear on us constantly. This imbalance causes our manifesting and creation abilities as a whole to suffer.

Fear is any perceived threat. This threat can be real or imagined but in the mind of the individual, it is very real. Most people can see how fear can limit our daily lives by the byproducts of the fear itself. An example would be someone has severe anxiety (fear) when conversing with people. The mental and psychological effects of this can and have been directly observed as well as heavily studied. However, we tend to disregard the negative effects this causes on our spiritual and manifesting abilities.

As deliberate creators, we rely on the subconscious mind to transmit our desires to the universal mind and love to bring the manifestation to life. The vibration of love strengthens the desire enough to expedite the universal mind’s ability to bring your desire into a frequency of existing in the present. This is the reason that Law of Attraction Gurus preach appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, and the like. These all bring you back to the primal emotion of love or creation. We must limit fear if we wish to be the deliberate creators we truly are.

In order to improve our manifesting abilities, we must seek out and conquer our fears. By reducing the fears in our life, we reduce the destructive forces inside us that usurp our creative abilities. Start by making a list of everything you fear. Keep this list nearby you at all times and add to it as necessary. Order the list from fears that severely impact your life to fears that you barely notice. The last step is overcome these fears.

To overcome fear, we must accept our fear. While this may seem self-defeating, accepting and embracing your fear will ensure you overcome it. For example, let say you fear of public speaking. First, accept that you have this fear. For some, the ego tends to prevent acceptance of fear. This is a self defense mechanism but hinders us more in the long run. After you accept that the fear exists, sign up for a public speaking class at your local junior college. Seek out opportunities to speak in public. By accepting and embracing this fear, you can overcome it through exposure. There have been many studies that conclude the best way to overcome fear is through frequent exposure to the fear causing stimuli. We tend to find comfort in familiarity.

Another technique to overcome fear is through directed questioning. By questioning your fears and their origin, you can dispel their strength by bringing to light their lack of substance. For example:

Fear of Public Speaking

What causes this fear?

Will this fear kill or harm me?

What is the worst possible outcome?

Will the worst possible outcome affect me a year from now? Five years?

Is this fear worth hindering my life and ability create my desired reality?

By using these two techniques, you can start overcoming your life of fears today. Both techniques originate from the Manifesting Results blogpost, 10 Steps to Overcome Fear. Remember to constantly update your list of fears and overcome them. Every time you overcome a fear in your life, you are increasing your ability to manifest your reality.