Enjoy the Contrast

Enjoy the Contrast

We all love it when we see our desires manifest right before our eyes, whether it is a great parking space, a new job or a delicious romance. But, how many of us really enjoy having someone cut us off or lose a job or get dumped in a love affair? We all should enjoy it. No, really, we should.


Everything that happens to us are the products of our desires manifesting right before our eyes! Not all of them we can say that we enjoy or even want to take responsibility for. But in all things we should give thanks, not so we can receive more of these things or to resign ourselves into accepting these unwanted situations as unchangeable, but so we do not get hung up on them and effectively create a burning negative spiral into our own self-created vortex of hell.

Did you hear the thunder?

We can take any situation and apply this to it, but lets take a look at health concerns as a good starting point. Should I be thankful for these extra pounds of fat, diabetes or heart problems? Well, yes dear, you should. Let me finally explain it to you. You are where you are and where you are is OK, because that is where you are.

OK. Feel all better now?

If you were to start out on a cross-country road trip, you would have to start out just where you are now. Right? You could take a plane ride and start somewhere else, but technically you would always be starting out where you are now. That doesn’t mean you can’t go because you haven’t gotten there yet does it? No, that would be silly.

It is too easy to have a joyful feeling in response to a joyful event, however, you must have the joyful response first prior to experiencing the joyful event. I understand that would seem to be backwards. But, all things we experience begin within us well before the physical manifestation appears in our lives. The manifestations are created within us first. If you can accept this fact you will surely hold the keys to the universe. Knowing that is the first step to actually enjoying the contrast we meet on our journey to the results.

Let me clarify that..

If we realise that our desires are already created just by the asking, that they are complete and waiting for us to get our emotions in line with them, then it is also clear that all steps that we take are guiding us to that manifestation. The formula is a simple one, if you are feeling pretty good you are on the right path, and visa versa. A negative event tells us two things, the first is a clarity on what is not wanted. This clarity is as if the Universe is asking you a personal question of choice. Your response to the event is the answer to that question and your manifestation is adjusted to this more specific direction. That is definitely something to be joyful for. The second thing this event tells us is our proximity to the manifestation and our current state of mind. It is time to take responsibility for your thoughts, as they create the world around you. We could call this a self-check-point. Again, definitely something to be joyful for.

How many times have we let an unexpected negative event throw us way out into left field, weeping and nursing our wounds, for either moments, days or years?

Silly Wabbit.

When this occurs, and it will occur, the most important thing to do is to accept how you feel as ok. Don’t try to paste a happy face sticker on and pretend you will be joyful anyway. Quantum leaps in emotions will keep you out in left field. Relax and allow the whole emotional process. Just by doing this, you most likely will bypass a lengthy emotional response. Remember this phrase; “It is what it is and what it is is ok. Because it is what it is.” Acceptance truly is a magic wand. It has amazing power.

Generally Speaking.

Then immediately go general with your feelings, pointing yourself more towards comfortable and pleasant thoughts. In this more relaxed state of mind, all the forces within you and around you will take you gently and gradually back to a joyful feeling without your help. Actually, it will happen faster if you just stay out-of-the-way.

Having Faith.

Letting contrast happen, gladly accepting this energetic vibrational guidance as a shining beacon set there to light your path, is the same as having faith. We can have faith in the processes because when the contrast is over we will be left with a stronger and more direct vibration. Then we will become emotionally aligned with who we are and what we want.

Quantum Leaps.

A strong negative event obviously causes a great deal of emotional pain. But, if you can see that emotional pain as an energy force and think of it as being applied to your manifestations, you will be able to begin to understand the concept of quantum leaps. This energy is a tangible force that literally manipulates the energy around us. Use it instead of fighting against it.

Love the Contrast!

If we live without anything to fight for, all desires instantly given to us, how little life there would be within us. It is the strong energy force that called us forth into existence. Our eternal source selves receives this energy as life itself. It is how we grow and evolve. Contrast is why we came here, so go out and find some!

Live it up.

To have no dreams, no goals, no desires and no hope is to be the walking dead. You can feel the sadness it causes you. This emptiness reaches our eternal souls. When we witness a new dream being born within us, we then feel an electrifying source of new life! It isn’t the attainment of the dream, it is the creation of the desire. We know this is true by the somewhat remorseful feeling we have after getting what we want and prior to dreaming again. Filling our lives with passion, whether it is for photography, art or wealth is our purpose. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, you will bump into contrast on the way and I encourage you to enjoy it. For it in itself is life giving energy.

May the Force be with you.