How to Market Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

How to Market Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

I want to start this article by covering how NOT to market your network marketing business opportunity.

If you have just become involved with ANY network marketing business opportunity then I can tell you exactly how they told you to promote it. Make a warm-list of everyone that you know and then throw one of our DVDs at them.

Don’t do it! Don’t even think about it. You will waste lots of money on DVDs that just don’t work. You will waste lots of valuable time chasing people that just don’t give a damn about your opportunity. You will alienate all of your friends and family and become a social leper.

At the end of the day you will have recruited….NOBODY!

The modern version of this strategy is to send your prospects to your replicated company website. This is usually the online equivalent of the DVD.

Again, don’t do it. It doesn’t work offline and it doesn’t work online either.

If you are to succeed in network marketing, then forget (better still don’t listen in the first place) everything that your company has to say about marketing your biz op.

Instead, you must learn the principles of attraction marketing.

The golden rule of attraction marketing is that you do NOT promote your business opportunity.

Please re-read that last line. Imprint it to your brain forever. It will be the master-key to unlock your success in network marketing.

Rather than promote your business opportunity directly, you must first promote yourself and build rapport and relationships with people.

You can promote yourself by offering lots of useful, FREE, information on the Internet. This material promotes you as an authority, an expert, on network marketing, and as someone whose ideas are worth listening to and following.

A good strategy is to start out by writing articles. As you learn all about network marketing, turn what you learn into ‘How To Articles’. Others that are looking for such information will find your articles and begin to follow your work.

Remember that network marketing on the Internet is a steep learning curve. There will always be new people behind you on that curve, giving you a ready made audience for your work, all eager to hear what YOU have to say.

is a good place to get your articles published and read. They rate very highly with the search engines and, so, anything that you publish there will get found very quickly on the Internet.

You can also take this strategy one step further and turn your articles into videos. Post your articles to . Again the search engines love YouTube, so your videos should get found very quickly.

As your volume of work grows, you should consider creating your own website. This will further promote the idea that, you are an authority on network marketing and, massively increase your following and grow your ‘list’.

Once you have built your content pages and started to attract a following, then it’s time to build your list and develop some relationships.