The Law of Attraction – Making it Work For You

The Law of Attraction – Making it Work For You

It is a strange paradox that whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, you are probably right. Now it may be that you have read many books and articles on the subject and yet you still feel stuck without seeing the results you were hoping for. If that is you, these ideas and tips could help you finally make the breakthrough and live the life you truly deserve.

The Law Of Attraction and Your Beliefs

It seems that anyone who achieves great success in life has an underlying strength in their belief system that despite any challenges they encounter, they will succeed. If however, you have an idea of what you want from your life but something in your subconscious mind is blocking this vision, you will find that you tend to revert to type and stay in what has become your own comfort zone.

These inner beliefs may be deep rooted and will require some soul searching so that you can remove these barriers to your progress. An easy example of this is money. Do you find it easy to say I will be rich. For some, the environment and examples they have grown up with can cause a belief that somehow the acquiring of wealth is wrong.

To overcome this you do need to build more empowering thoughts that will remove these negative influences. For instance, you can start to see examples of very rich people who have built large charitable organisations by distributing their wealth to those in need. You can question your beliefs. See the fact that if you have money you are in a stronger position to help others than if you do not.

The Law Of Attraction – What You Give Is What You Get

I remember listening to a famous internet marketer talking about how he went from being in debt to becoming a millionaire. He was asked what he had discovered to turn things around. The answer was quite revealing. After years of struggling he did not suddenly find a system or a great product. He said everything changed when he stopped thinking about making money but thought about how he could use what he knew to help others.

If you become someone who helps others and likes to see others succeed too, you will find that people are attracted to you. There are many examples of people turning up in a person’s life just at the right time. These may be considered coincidences, but are they, or was this as a result of the law of attraction really working.

So, whatever your situation try to give something without expecting something in return. Just small acts of kindness or a compliment. You will find you feel better and you may find that others will seek you out and be drawn to you.

The Law Of Attraction – Tapping Into Higher Energy

It is often said that the law of attraction works based on your ability to tap into higher energy fields. Those that have mastered this seem to operate at higher levels of vibration and are often observed by others as someone who seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Now this seems somewhat scientific and in some ways it is.

In simple terms, your dominating thought patterns can either be positive and therefore tapping into higher energy levels or negative and therefore you will remain in those lower energy fields that keep you stuck and frustrated. You need therefore to find ways to keep your thoughts and emotions on an empowering level. You can even act and feel as if what you want to achieve is already happening and use that emotion to push you forward.