Law of Attraction – Visualization – What is So Unique About It?

Law of Attraction – Visualization – What is So Unique About It?

The Law of Attraction basically implies that your thoughts can have a very powerful influence on your possibility of acquiring something. One of the best ways to go about this is to use visualization of the goal or object of your desire.

Mental Imagery Goes a Long Way

Most people experimenting with this area of thought agree that wanting something badly and visualizing it is the first step in actually acquiring that object. The Law of Attraction is said to be able to have a positive or negative influence on real day to day events. Well it also depends on your perspective of it. For example, being optimistic or pessimistic about a situation can affect the outcome in a similar manner. Being really optimistic and believing that good things will come your way apparently shifts chances in your favour, and vice versa. Trust me the odds are definitely in your favour once you believe in it.

Mental imagery is said to be a powerful agent in the whole Law of Attraction process. Holding a picture in your mind and visualizing the goal over and over again is very important in order to get favourable results. Also, minute and trivial details are said to be very vital in acquiring true and intended results. If you want, say, a house, it is necessary to picture that house down to the minutest of details, like an expert would definitely ask you to go down to the extend of knowing the type of paint to be used on the walls. This plays a central role in achieving the end product. No wonder this practice is adopted by and more actively propagated by life coaches and motivational speakers, rather than real scientists.


Visualization is like the next step in day dreaming, a little ahead of fantasizing. Both day dreaming and fantasizing have a sort of a casual attitude, whereas visualization is a more serious and aggressive form of mental imagery.