When You Are Not Satisfied With What is Being Manifested in Your Life, Open Your Eyes

When You Are Not Satisfied With What is Being Manifested in Your Life, Open Your Eyes

You have an energetic set point at this very moment. If you’re not content with what is showing up in your experience, you MUST be able to own your intentions – take one-hundred percent ownership and then you can change it. The Universe isn’t dropping things on your head because of a past life. You do not have to be a good little girl and pay your dues before you can attract your dream career. It isn’t that way!

If you aren’t content with what’s coming into your life and you do not know what’s blocking your path, how are you ever going to improve your point of attraction? Placing affirmations over your already dysfunctional life is akin to putting butter cream frosting on top of a mud cake. Gross. Can’t eat that. It doesn’t work! Find out how you can strengthen you right now with the Law of Attraction.

Your energy level and what’s being created in your experience is always the same thing. Like attracts like. So, your lack of financial security, or a relationship, your low self-image or the work that you dread is not a result of the economy or the town you live in or anything else outside of yourself.

Your problem is not outside – with the economy, the government or who’s in office, your age, your ethnicity, your gender or sexual orientation. Your problem is NOT that you have dependent children at home or an un-supportive mate or the fact that you did not go to the right schools. You can manifest Law of Attraction Relationships right now and increase your level of creative energy!

Your issue here is your beliefs about what’s possible for you. Your limited patterns of thought are holding you limited. You have to 1) figure out what these limiting beliefs are, and 2) let go of these inhibiting patterns, and 3) replace them with ideas (and beliefs) that help and empower you. Do this and you will begin to find shifts and a new experience starts to flower right in front of your very eyes. I am talking about actually changing your energy field.

Does it require effort? YES! What else is happening in your life? Are you concerned with transforming yourself? Will this take a lot of time? A lot less time than it took to put these barriers in place. I’m going to tell you how to do that. We’re going by what neuroscience is now telling us is possible. Using the Law of Attraction is amazingly helpful for Relationship Attraction, and it’s not hard to grasp.

As I said previously, we have all heard that all things are energy. But get this: Albert Einstein said “ENERGY is EVERYTHING!!!” That’s essential. Grasp that a second… “ENERGY is EVERYTHING!!!” Your energy encompasses all things. Right?

Most people just don’t get what’s running them, or the effects of what’s running them. Your ideas influence and are highly attractive. They are creating all the time. The question is: Are you conscious of what you are transmitting from your thoughts? What type of thoughts are you sending out there and are you aware of them?

Take a look at the judgments that go through your head every day, negativity and what your inner critic is saying and hone yourself to be more positive. You simply do not have to be a victim of your negativity. Clean up your inner dialogue and watch stupendous results begin to manifest into your life.