Holiday Tips: 10 Ways to Have a Healthy & Comfortable Holiday in the Pandemic Era

After months at home alone, of course it feels like going on vacation to relieve fatigue and take a break. However, holiday in the current pandemic era are difficult to do because of the many restrictions and also the risks that can threaten our health. However, in fact you can still vacation comfortably and safely even in conditions like this. Check out the following 10 tips!

Tips for a Healthy and Comfortable Vacation in the Pandemic Era

1. Staycation at the Hotel

For those of you who are tired at home but don’t want to take risks by going on vacation to public places, a staycation at a hotel can be an option.

No need to choose a hotel that is far away, you can book a room from a hotel near your home or your favorite hotel of choice and spend time in a hotel room while enjoying the facilities with your family.

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2. Use Private Car

Besides being safe, a private car is considered the safest mode of transportation that you can choose if you want to take a vacation during a pandemic.

Although the trip will take longer than you take public transportation such as planes and trains, taking a private car will be safer because you don’t meet other people so as to minimize the transmission of the virus.

3. Holiday in the City

Even though out-of-town flights have been opened, it doesn’t mean you can travel freely. Currently traveling out of town is still very risky and is not recommended.

For that, you can really vacation in the city. This is the perfect time for you to explore your own city.

Besides being safer, vacationing in the city can make it easier for you to choose a destination and change destinations if your chosen place is closed or full.

4. Choose Natural Attractions

In times of a pandemic like today, vacationing in the open or traveling to nature is more recommended. This is because the transmission of the corona virus is smaller in open locations than in closed locations with poor ventilation.

Some nature tourism ideas that you can try are hiking , camping, or visiting urban forests and parks.

5. Vacation with family at home

Going on vacation with family members at home is the safest choice compared to going on vacation with friends or other people.

Because, we don’t know our friend’s travel history and his health condition. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take a holiday with people at home.

6. Always Pay Attention to Health Protocols

If you go on vacation out of town, you must pay attention to the protocols and restrictions imposed by the city.

Please note that some tourist destinations apply different health protocols.

In order for your vacation plan to run smoothly, find out in advance the health protocols imposed by the destination city and tourist destination you are going to, starting from operating hours, limiting the number of visitors, equipment that must be brought, and so on.

7. Prepare All the Documents Needed

Until now, if you want to travel out of town using the airplane mode of transportation, it takes several documents to be prepared so that you can board the plane.

Make sure all documents are complete and correct so that when you arrive at the airport you are ready and allowed to board the plane.

8. Avoid Crowded Tourist Places

Even though public beaches, recreational parks, or shopping centers are your usual vacation destinations, these places are not safe because of the crowds of visitors.

Even if you wear a mask and practice social distancing , you cannot control the actions of those around you. Therefore, avoiding crowded places is the safest and most convenient way.

9. Always Take Care of Your Body

Before going on vacation, make sure your body is fit and healthy. You can apply enough sleep and eat nutritious food before going on vacation to keep your body healthy.

If your body is not fit, the virus will enter more easily and can also harm the people around you. If you feel your body is not healthy, postpone your vacation for the sake of mutual comfort and safety.

10. Self-Isolation Before and After Vacation

If you decide to go on vacation out of town, if possible, it’s a good idea to self-quarantine for 2 weeks before leaving and 2 weeks after traveling.

By self-isolating 2 weeks before leaving, you will know if you are healthy enough to travel without spreading the virus during the trip and in the destination city.

After returning home, self-isolate again for 2 weeks to ensure that you do not catch the virus during the trip.

Although 2 weeks seems like a long time, self-quarantining before and after your vacation will help prevent the virus from spreading to others.