4 Overlooked Things That Make Setting Up the First Date a Breeze – Men’s Dating

4 Overlooked Things That Make Setting Up the First Date a Breeze – Men’s Dating

1. Set It Up On The First Approach

Another great thing to do is to set up a date when first getting the number. Make the date the reason why your getting the number. I would even bring up a good cafe or place i know during the conversion beforehand so when I go for the number i will say “I’ll take you to that place I was telling you about”. Ask her what she doing the next day, it may too seem soon, but why postpone a meeting if your both into each other. Then set up a time and a place in person, then text her on the day after the first follow up text, “Are we still on for coffee at 5 today?” or “Wear something sexy today so we match”

2. Call Her

Calling is great for setting up a date, it reduces flaking as you both speak on the phone. I find it useful as well to remind the girl that I am cool guy. If you meet a girl at a club and you don’t speak for a couple of days she will sometimes forget that you were a great guy. The initial emotions of the first interaction has lost it’s steam, calling is a great way to reignite that. On a side note: Banter is encouraged during the first interaction. As when you text you can use callback humor and continue some of the threads.

3. The Illusions of Options

This is a principle that I use when setting up the first date. One of the questions to text a girl you like goes as follows:

Let’s go for that coffee. I’m free Monday afternoon after 5 or Wednesday evening. Which is best for you?

This is golden.

Firstly by giving two dates as so you are making it clear that you are a busy person and that you value your time. You only have a few slots to meet her, so spending time with you is a privilege.

Secondly you are creating an illusion of options. When you go to a restaurant and you order steak and fries. You feel like you’ve chosen that right? Well ultimately you didn’t. It was chosen for you before the menu was ever in your hand. The options were chosen by the chef, the management of the restaurant.

This is a powerful principle. By presenting two options, you make her feel like she’s choosing. But really you have chosen. You’ve chosen two dates that are convenient for you. It doesn’t matter which one she chooses. Both work for you. As you can tell this idea can be applied to various other areas of your life & business.

4. Flakey Girls

You will invariably come across some girls that flake or play hard to get. With these type of girls they are trying to get you to qualify and play into their frame. Or their trying to increase their buying temperature. There’s two things you can do, out frame them by being unreactive to there comments, if that doesn’t work give then an ultimatum. It goes something like this.

Her: Blahblah playing hard to get. Or flakes.

You: Listen. I don’t have enough times for games. I value my time. I like you:) So either your serious and we meet or you delete my number and we never see each other.

DISCLAIMER: Only use when you can tell she is flaking on purpose or has flaked more than three times depending on the reasons. This is a little to intense to use if she flakes only once. But experiment.

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