Make a Guy Fall in Love – Do You Understand How to Inspire and Motivate Him?

Make a Guy Fall in Love – Do You Understand How to Inspire and Motivate Him?

Do you know there are specific tools you can use to make a guy fall in love? What is it that inspires and motivates a man to pursue a deeper connection with you? Do you want to be irresistible to just about any man? If so, the following ideas will help you push the right buttons and make a guy fall in love.

A man can be physically attracted to you, be intimate with you, and have zero interest in a long term relationship with you. This is often hard for women to understand because we associate sex with love, while men easily disconnect the two. Because of these differences it is easy to blur the lines between love and lust since we tend to only view things from our own perspective. In order to create a love relationship, you need to attract a guy on both the physical and emotional level.

So how exactly do you relate to a man emotionally?

One way is to inspire him. Do your homework to find out what your man’s dreams and goals are, and then be a supportive influence in helping him achieve success in these areas. If he seems stressed about something, ask him how you can help. If he is discouraged, remind him how much you adore him in spite of the present circumstances. If he is tired, give him the gift of one of his favorite activities. Set up a time for him to go play golf if that’s what he likes. If he likes to jog, buy him a new pair of shoes or download some new songs to his iPod. Little things like this keep a man going when things get difficult. He’ll see you as a partner and appreciate the little ways you make his life better and more enjoyable. A guy falls in love because of how you make him feel. Showing him that you are aware of his needs creates in him a strong desire to reciprocate those feelings with you.

When he creates resistance in your relationship, give him some space. Match your tone to his. If he wants to be alone or spend time with his friends, give him that opportunity without making him feel guilty. This is a time for you to experience growth in your own life as well. Catch up with your friends, start a new project around the house, or work on something that you have been putting off. When a man is ready to reconnect, which usually doesn’t take long, he’ll see that you have been busy, and he’ll even wonder what he’s been missing with you while he’s been in his cave. Remember that it is natural for a man to withdraw from time to time. He may be overwhelmed; he may even be sorting out his feelings for you. The key is not to force him as this will threaten his freedom. A guy is more likely to fall in love with a woman who understands his need to have some space.