It Is Important To Develop A Personalized ‘Attraction Marketing’ System

It Is Important To Develop A Personalized ‘Attraction Marketing’ System

It is true that no two people are the same…which means that it is also true that no two people attract people in the exact same fashion. There are several reasons why I believe it is important to design & develop your own ‘attraction marketing’ system. Here are my most important…

1. Branding yourself as a Leader – you want to market you and your abilities to the world. You want to provide knowledge and value to your prospect every time contact is made which will build trust between you and (s)he. People are always looking for someone that they can benefit from. You can benefit (s)he by building your ‘attraction marketing’ system so it is a customizable and duplicable system. If you develop a centralized location to share this information, like a blog or a website, you are increasing your level of importance.

2. Creating Cash Flow – the total amount of cash that is generated and received by you or your company. Your goal is to have a positive cash flow system in place that is going to pay you quickly and, if possible, today. Remember, fair exchange is no robbery. You are expected to benefit, now or in the future, from the value you provide.

3. Establishing Residual Income – income that continues to come in after the ‘foundation’ for your work is established. Residual income is very attractive to internet marketers because it continues to come in long after the need for ‘working 18 hour days’ is gone. The way to create residual income is by creating a situation where your product or service will continue to bring value to the consumer on a daily basis, such as writing a book or a song; produce a product or service people can benefit from and utilize daily and market it. With this you will earn money from the ‘royalties'(money received). The least expensive way to create a residual income situation is to establish your own internet marketing business. The things you will need to get started are your ideas, a domain name, a hosting provider, installation of your theme and of course… getting to work.

4. Utilizing Affiliate Marketing – marketing the products and/or services of companies you have a partnership with. When you sell that companies’ products and/or services, you earn a commission from that transaction.

There are 3 ways to earn income online via Affiliate Marketing:

a. Pay Per Click – (PPC is the acronym) – this system is also known as Cost Per Click. This system is used to direct traffic to your website where the advertisers pays the publisher (website owner) when the ad is clicked. It is the most effective form of online marketing & it delivers the best returns.

b. Pay Per Ad – (PPA is the acronym) – this system allows advertisers to create ads that cost only when a connective action is taken.

c. Pay Per Sale – (PPS is the acyronym) – this system is also known as Cost Per Sale. This system pays a commission only when you make a sale.

Affiliate Marketing is also recognized as an effective way to earn money online while you are building your online business. Now the next question is… how would you get started using affiliate marketing? The answer is simple. You place the link for that product or service on your blog, website or on a social media site. If someone clicks on that link and buys that product, you earn a commission. The more affiliate programs you are associated with, the more exposure you will need to have. It is advised to research thoroughly all of the merchants you are considering a joint venture relationship with before agreeing to affiliation.

The risk associated with affiliate marketing is that you might promote a product that is not legitimate or in good standing, i,e., a scam. If you do your due diligence prior to any agreement, you will minimize this risk. If a relationship is formed without researching the company and buying into the “hype” surrounding it, you can hurt your reputation and business. Remember.. you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.