Are You a Crud Magnet?

Are You a Crud Magnet?

Do you attract crud into your life?

Maybe you don’t know you’re doing it. Maybe you have crud in your life but think it’s due to bad luck, mistakes (yours or someone else’s), or the world being out to get you!

The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we think about is what we get. If we think about things, people, and situations we don’t like, we get more things, people, and situations we don’t like.


By the same token, if we think about things, people, and situations we do , that’s what we get. This explains why some people, say, go to a certain store and routinely get grumpy, discourteous salespeople, while other people go into the same store and get friendly, attentive service. Same store, same employees…different realities created by different types of thinking.

So if you think you may be a crud magnet, what do you do about it? Well…

First, understand that you can’t not think about something. You can only think about something else. As long as you’re filling your mind with thoughts of things, people, and situations you do want, your mind has no room for the crud-attracting thoughts.

Second, realize that thinking negative thoughts is a habit. Like any habit, it takes work to break it. Most of us, most of the time, think negative thoughts out of habit. You may find yourself thinking those crud-attracting thoughts countless times per day and decide, “it’s no use!” But you can form a new habit–one of thinking positive thoughts.

Third, be patient with yourself, for change may come in small increments. For some people, it may be an overnight, “aha” sort of experience; that can be discouraging to those for whom change comes more slowly. It really depends on our temperament, the number and severity of cruddy circumstances we have to think about, and how long we’ve been practicing the habit. Celebrate the small steps of progress and keep looking forward.

Like a magnet that reverses polarity just by being flipped around, you can “flip” your thinking and stop attracting crud. Be a “good stuff” magnet. You can do it.