Be a Good Friend

Be a Good Friend

Do you have friends? This is a question that if you ask it to many people, they will say everyone including children have friends. However, what is a friend? Is it someone who helps you? Is it someone who listens to you when you are in need to have someone to listen to you? Is it someone that you share your happiness and sadness with? Is it someone who you trust?

All of these attributes are characteristics of a good friend and these attributes are essential to be present in friends. We all need someone that listens to us, helps us when we need to, respect us, and stand by our side.

If you want to have good friends, then it is essential that you do the following powerful steps:

1. Listen to your friend

2. Guide your friend to the correct path

3. Bring happiness to your friend’s heart

4. Become your friend’s right hand

5. Focus on the good qualities of your friend.

6. Respect your friend

7. Spend time with your friend

8. Forgive your friend if he or she hurt you.

We all know the above steps, however, many of us forget about them and don’t apply them in our daily life. By following the above powerful steps, you can be sure that your friend will do the same for you and will reciprocate your feelings. Having a good friend is important to our social life, so never underestimate the power of close friends. Always remember, “To have a friend, be a friend.”