Don’t Make Him Run From You – Be in Love Without Scaring Him Off!

Don’t Make Him Run From You – Be in Love Without Scaring Him Off!

Are you ready for a long-term relationship, but every time you get close you scare the guy off? Do you have men who you think are into you who just up and leave you? If so, then you might be falling into the rut of behavior that makes every man scared of you. Read on to find out how to change it.

Men are famous for not wanting to get involved. Sometimes women perceive this reluctance as mean playing hard to get, but the reality is that men really do just have different timeframes for love. Men and women are wired differently and do not have the same reasons or motivations for falling in love. Don’t get trapped into behaviors that will scare him off-be sure to do the following things to ensure that he doesn’t run away from you.

Don’t Read In

Be sure that you take things as they really are and not how you expect them to be. If a man is giving you signals that he’s really just interested in a physical relationship, then don’t read more into that than is there. Sometimes men just want someone to fulfill their physical side and don’t want to get into a relationship that is deep or long lasting. Be sure that you don’t misunderstand what he expects. If you read into things, then you will be sorely disappointed.

Don’t Be Clingy or Desperate

Women who are clingy or desperate are huge turn-offs to men. Men want to know that the women that they love are independent and have lives of their own. It puts too much pressure on a man to be something that he might be uncomfortable with to have a woman who is clingy or desperate. Be sure that you keep your friends, family and life separate from him.

Don’t Say I Love You

Be sure that you don’t say I love you first. You’ll know it if he feels this way for you. He’ll be sure to say it, and then you can follow up. Even if you are feeling this way, be sure that you don’t tell him that you feel the same way because it might make him run for the hills. He is probably going to eventually feel this way for you, so just wait until he does to tell him that you reciprocate his love.

If you choose to engage in behavior that men find frightening, then men will definitely run from you. Instead, choose to do the above to ensure that he will stick around.