How To Attract Exactly What You Want

How To Attract Exactly What You Want

Step 1. Think Big Picture – Dream Big

Find 5-15 minutes in your day or evening and try to relax. With eye’s closed or open begin to think of all the wonders and amazing things life has on offer and that you would like in your life.

Conjure up in your mind what you would like to enjoy in life such as places of travel, where you want to live, who you want to be with, what assets you would like to own and what type of career you would like etc. Don’t hold back. Go all out and start now.

Don’t worry if you struggle and find your mind wanders off on tangents, it’s more important that you started. Find time if you possible to visualise every day for this short time to relax and allow your thoughts to wander into new or existing dreams and visions.

Step 2. Create Your Own Vision Board

Find, collect or download pictures and images that represent your wants and dreams. Don’t be too picky, allow yourself to cut out or download images you’re drawn to. It might be later that you understand why you were drawn to that particular image.

Pin, paste, attach your pictures and images to a Vision Board online or like I use, a cork board using colourful drawing pins. Attach pictures from the 5 main life areas that are Love/Relationships, Career./Hobbies, Money/Travel, Health/Wellness and Spirituality/Religion.

Step 3. Visualise Every Day for 5-10 Minutes

Lose yourself in your pictures and visions so you increase the ‘good feelings’ thereby raising your good vibrations. Allow yourself to fall into your visions and drift away on the deliciousness of how good it feels to imagine yourself in your dream life.

Catch yourself smiling or giggling as good feelings increase inside and make you feel wonderful all over. This a good sign that you are allowing the cells within your whole being vibrate at a higher frequency and this is your signal that you are working with the “Law of Attraction”.

Doing this visualisation process every day creates a new habit of good expectations. No longer will you be plagued thinking more negative thoughts or worry. Instead positive feelings of pleasure with increased joy fill your body and being more frequently and greater health is restored, hope increases and opportunities are noticed and faith restored.

More importantly though, you will find you return to youthful feelings of loving life and as you have begun attracting what you want you’ll start learning trust and patience.

The Universe will deliver but it will be in the time frame of the universe because there’s a delay from asking to arriving. That’s important to know especially if you want to change your mind. Try not to become despondent while you wait, your life will begin to fill with goodness little by little increasing every day and week. Some of your wants will arrive quickly and you’ll be surprised as more and more shows up each week!

The Secret that most wealthy prosperous and abundant people in the world hold is that they never give up focusing on their dreams. Now you can too!