Moving Beyond the Law of Attraction

Moving Beyond the Law of Attraction

Are you stuck? When the universal Law of Attraction filtered into mass consciousness as the truth that it is, people began to view it as a way to get what they want. The real secret about the Law of Attraction is that it is but one step in the process of manifesting.

Our thoughts definitely create our reality. But in and of themselves they are not enough to manifest. That’s what no one is telling you. They are enough to attract, however. And what you’re attracting is coming through the filters of your belief systems. Unless you shift your belief systems at your core, you’ve limited yourself to your version of the story.

Use your thoughts to change your underlying belief systems. Start looking at your thoughts, your intentions, your desires, your wants, and needs as seeds instead of as the whole plant. Then you have the energy necessary for creation. This will allow you to begin understanding how to align that energy with your own unique reason for being here.

I ask you, do we create our child with the power of our thoughts? Creation, co-creation begins as a seed and grows from there, and eventually returns to you as form made manifest.

We manifest from our root, not our minds. And then we integrate that energy into our mind, body, and spirit. We align ourselves with Universal will. You can move forward right now if you are willing to create your life from alignment of who you are.

Co-Creation in Action

When you learn to align with your life’s purpose, you will find that your life becomes full of synchronicity and miracles. As a first step, identify what makes you truly happy at your very core. Examine what brings you joy. And then let go of your doubts and fears and go do it. There are no limitations, unless you firmly believe there are.

You’ve heard the saying “dare to dream?” I say, “Dare to align. Dare to move forward. Dare to let go of the perceptions that keep you stuck. Dare to let go of HOW and allow the energy of everything you desire to flow to you as a natural consequence of putting your energy out there. Dare to do what you came here to do. And most importantly, dare to Love.”