How to Make Your Man Commit – Get It in Writing

How to Make Your Man Commit – Get It in Writing

Is he holding back on you and you need to find a sure way to make him commit to you?A� Are you tired of the limbo in which your relationship has settled and you want to move it along to the next level?A� Have you told him of the importance of this and he’s still holding back?

Guys are quick to get comfortable in a relationship and reluctant to move it anywhere else, and a serious commitment can be far from their thoughts.A� You’ll want to begin by assessing how long you’ve truly been together and if a commitment is really due. If you’ve been with him for months and months, you might need a little helping hand to change his mind.

Whether your relationship is at its infancy or you’ve been together a while, here are a few things to keep in mind as you build on this romance and try to bring it to that committed stage.

Desperation Doesn’t Suit You

If you transmitted to him your urgent need to have a committed relationship you may be killing rather than aiding your cause.A� Desperation is frightening and if he senses that this is beyond important to you, he may back away.

The Freedom to Live

This is the number one factor that will keep a guy from committing.A� He’s afraid of all that he’s going to lose in order to please you.A� He won’t be able to have fun with his buddies.A� He won’t be allowed to go have a beer with his friends.A� He won’t have the liberty of sitting around watching the football games all Sunday afternoon.

This may all sound trivial and unimportant to you.A� You might even be thinking, ‘damn right he’s not going to watch the games all Sunday afternoon.’A� But this is something that can slowly gnaw away at a man’s sense of self.A� Before long he sees you as an obstacle to overcome rather that the sweetheart he wants to be with.

Where’d Your Life Go?

Some women like the notion of being each other’s everything.A� She wants to be all he needs and he fulfills her so that she wants only to be with him.A� That can be cute for a while and only in a few rare cases does this go on to work out well, but for most couples this just wears them out.

Get back into the beat of the life you had before you met him.A� If you cancelled a bunch of classes or activities just to be with him, get back in the swing of things.A� Not only is this a great way of ensuring you remain happy in this relationship, but you’re also showing him that you refuse to become a burden to him.

When he sees the fabulous woman you are and all the great things you bring to his life, and when he realizes that you’re independent enough to maintain your own life, he’ll be less reluctant to get on board.

With all that going for your relationship, he’ll be the one to bring up the topic of committing to you.