Mike Dillard Elevation Group – How to Go From Rich to Wealthy

Mike Dillard Elevation Group – How to Go From Rich to Wealthy

For years Robert Kiyosaki has been teaching many of us about the power of money and how we can use other people’s resources to get rich. Well, it has finally moved over to the direct marketing and online marketing industry through the creation of Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group.

Who is Mike Dillard?

If you do not know who Mike Dillard is he is considered the grandfather of attraction marketing in the network marketing direct marketing industry. He introduced the concept of attraction marketing to the community. Even though attraction marketing was not anything new, Mike managed to put together an awesome business model for his down line in his network marketing company and he packed it and called it magnetic sponsoring.

So if he is a marketing guru why is he talking about being rich?

Well, Mike Dillard has made millions of dollars online and now that he has a family he wanted to transition over and find out how he can get his money to work for him the way the wealthy do like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and others.

With the conditions of the economy while many people think it is hard times, the rich see it as an opportunity. Prices for things that would normally cost millions of dollars is now thousands and the price of gold and silver has increased which presents a great opportunity to really build up some assets. So what Mike Dillard said was hey for all of those who want to learn how to take advantage of this opportunity, let me get the best people to show us step by step on how to do it.

The Elevation Group Was Born

The elevation group is a membership website where mike interviews the wealthy and have them teach their tips and strategies they use to stay wealthy and get more. With us moving over to a global economy teaching our kids about money and preparing a legacy for them so they can still continue to compete is really what the elevation group is about. I recommend it to all those who are serious about protecting and or increasing their assets.