Top 20 ‘Leading Ladies’ Of 2010

Top 20 ‘Leading Ladies’ Of 2010

In our inaugural Leading Ladies International Top 20 list we issue the names of the women who we believe most positively impact our world both locally, nationally and globally.

Why women?

“In today’s changing world we believe there is an increasing need for greater focus on right brain thinking,” Ms Pollard, Founder of Leading Ladies International said. “Moving from the logical, linear form of business that dominated in the industrial and informational ages, the new conceptual age will see a shift to more creative, artistic, empathic right brain approach to business and life.”

“Right brain thinking is a more cooperative, feminine approach that will be needed now more than ever,” she said. “There is a definite upward global trend of spirituality, environmentalism and a renewed interest in individuals seeking meaning in life and work, a lot of this is being led and demanded by women.”

A leader’s journey such as those experienced by the women on this list, is not for the faint hearted. Businesses and society today are in desperate need of leaders who have made substantial progress on their own personal journey of development. It is these leaders who are best able to handle the uncertainty and complexity caused by the huge economic, environmental and social changes we are facing today.

“Our “top 20″ were chosen as they are creative, courageous, caring and charismatic women who deeply impact the lives of others, make a difference in society, have a great attitude to life and show leadership by living their legacy every day,” Ms Pollard said.

The Top 20 Leading Ladies of 2010 (in alphabetical order):

Ali Brown for helping women step up and play a bigger entrepreneurial game and live their good fortune.

Anne McKevitt for being an billion dollar philanthropist, humanitarian, entreprener, marketer and devout vegetarian.

Bindi Irwin for her conservation work, philanthropy and love of wildlife through the vehicles of Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors since birth.

Carly Crutchfield for being real and living an adventurous life of property development, business and philanthropy for youth and drug education and disaster response.

Elizabeth Gilbert for her authenticity and showing us how to Eat, Pray and Love and have genuine conversations.

Jennie Thomas AM world adventurer and philanthropist for living a life where her actions are making a difference to the lives of others.

Jodi McKay MP for bring a fresh approach, passion and enthusiasm to her work furthering the growth of Newcastle and making a difference as the Minister for women

Justice Sonia Sotomayor for showing women it doesn’t matter how you begin in life, it’s strong values and actions that count.

Kendall SummerHawk for teaching entrepreneurs how to get paid what they’re really worth and enjoy a wonderful life at the same time.

Loral Langemeier for changing the conversation about money in a way that people can make more money consistently in their lives, for themselves and their families.

Margaret McNaughton AM for her continuous community work, piano accordion delights and ability to make you feel as though you are the only person in the room.

Marlee Matlin Oscar award winning actress for her groundedness, humour and work on The Children Affected by AIDS Foundation and the Red Cross.

Melissa Histon for her unwavering authenticity, creative photographic skills and inspiring other women with her story of breast cancer survival.

Nicole Beurkens mother of four, for giving hope and empowering parents of children with autism to create a great family life.

Oprah Winfrey one of the world’s most influential women for her legendary compassion, charity, humanity and for showing the world what is possible.

Prof Trish Davidson paediatric surgeon for her extraordinary skills, energy, passion and enthusiasm for improving the health of children.

Quentin Bryce AC the first female Governor General of Australia for being a woman of many firsts and leading the way for future generations.

Star Ladin for her ability to see the best in life, her creative marketing skills, passion and enormous support of women building a home business through Star Lee Magazine,

Jane Goodall for her pioneering work in the study of chimpanzees and inspiring individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment.

Trudy Scott for her devotion to helping women beat their cravings, have more energy and less anxiety so they can live life to the full.

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