Your Perfect Moment is Now, Even If You Don’t Agree

Your Perfect Moment is Now, Even If You Don’t Agree

And, this is the only moment you will ever have in which to activate the Law of Attraction. This is the moment that is the first cause of your reality. First, you have thought about who you are because you are not God, but the child of God. This requires some adjustment because before birth, you were God. Then you have a vision or hear an idea. This is the second cause of your reality. The vision might inspire action and it definitely causes an adjustment to your vibration which matches the frequency of the vision.

This adjusted vibration is the third and final cause of your next moment.

Be Careful What You Think

How many times have you heard this? “Be careful what you think because you just might get it.”

You probably heard that before you were conscious of the Law of Attraction. Parents often use that when their children are angry, and it’s too bad because they could use it from a more positive perspective. Wealthy parents teach their children about abundance. They teach their children that there is no lack when they teach their children to donate to charities or causes.

The poor, and some middle class families teach their children that there is not enough every time they say, “I don’t know if we can afford that.” “Please choose a State School rather than a private school.” “I love those shoes too, but we are going to get your school shoes at Pay Less.” “Oh dear. The electric bill just keeps going up and up.” “Oh my. This president is taking our money and giving away your future!”

It goes on and on. Business coaches teach you to ask, “How are we going to pay for that?” rather than to proclaim “We can’t afford that.”

Your perfect moment is now. Now is the time you have created through the Law of Attraction with your previous thinking. Now is the perfect time when you are learning what you needed to learn to change your thoughts, which will change your reality.

What Can We Do if Life is not so Great Right Now?”

The most powerful catalyst for change is Gratitude. Now, you’ve probably heard that. It was one of the main ideas in the movie, The Secret. Yet, they didn’t explain it the way that I have come to understand it.

For months I was focusing on gratitude every morning, just to make sure that I got it in. During the day, I would also find times to remember to say, “Thank you” to the Universe. And, I was truly grateful for the most beautiful sunrises this summer. I was grateful for my partner and for our dependable car and for the work we are able to do.

Lately, my job record has been umm, spotty, you might say. I decided in 2006 that I would rather be an entrepreneur than a 9-5er. Thoughts become things and I found myself unemployed. For the most part, I am very grateful because this has given me time to generate our business, although from time to time it has been stressful.

Then, I remembered to be grateful for our abundance. Now, we’ve been visualizing, and we’ve been trusting in the Universe to take care of us. But, we weren’t really grateful for our abundance.

Then, one day when I wasn’t sure we’d have enough money for the gas for my partner’s commute to work the next day, I had an old debit card with me at a gas station. I had a moment of happiness and thought, “Hey, the Universe is helping us! ” I had thought the credit/debit card was empty, but was inspired to try it anyway. Whooo, hoo. It had over $350 on it.

I know that it didn’t have that on it before. I was there because I was grateful. Please, be grateful for your abundance. It is the most powerful catalyst when using the Law of Attraction.