Prosperity – The Benefits of Releasing and Letting Go

Prosperity – The Benefits of Releasing and Letting Go

So often in our daily lives we are looking forward to what we want to achieve, to push and succeed at something, be it work, relationships, material things or money But one of the principles of prosperity is about letting go, making a vacuum in yourself and your life so the new can come in.

Releasing can come in many forms, but when we are dealing with the thoughts we must release we are coming up against our resistance. Resistance to change stands in our way, it inhibits our ability to allow the better feelings to flow through us. Whatever we want, we have to feel our way into it. Therefore, if we are resisting letting go of things, thoughts or old mental and physical habit patterns we are not in a feeling place that can allow the new to come it. We have to clear the decks.

We know from our study of the Law of Attraction that like is attracted to like, so if we are holding on to old patterns of what we do not want, we cannot get the things we do want. Resistance is also a hindrance to our ability to connect to Source/ Spirit, where all things come from. It is called Source for a reason, after all.

If you are in pain, it is resistance to the flow of life. If your finances are in turmoil, you are also in resistance. If your relationships are not working as you would like, you are also in resistance. Resistance is the answer to all that is not working in your life.

To clear this resistance, there are a couple of things that you can do on an on-going basis.

* Become aware of what you are thinking around the subject of your resistance.

* Become aware of what you are feeling. The thinking and feeling are directly related, one causes the other. Change one and you will change the other.

Remember that you have absolute creative control of your own life experiences. These are controlled by your thoughts and feelings.

So what are you resisting today? What can you let go of so that the new can enter?