Thoughts Shape Your Life

Thoughts Shape Your Life

Where your attention goes, the energy of life flows – this is a scientific fact. Scientists, long ago, determined that the attention of an observer affects the movements of quantum particles, including every cell in your body. Your thoughts, emotions and actions are energetic particles as well, and your attention draws the particles closer to you, resonating with what you focus on.

What you pay attention to, whether by thinking about it, talking about, worrying about it, or fearing it, will increase and multiply until it affects your life and what you become and experience. Thus, through the power of your attention, you shape your life.

If you consistently think about what frightens you, you will become more fearful – ‘The sky is falling.’ If you consistently think about how unfair life is, you will see more and more evidence, which supports your viewpoint. If you believe your life is worthless, your choices and behavior will reflect that belief.

Conversely, when you pay close, conscious and purposeful attention to what is positive, hopeful, supportive, uplifting and encouraging, your life will inevitably reflect those beliefs. This is not to say that every factor in your life is the manifestation of a thought. Other crucial factors over which you have little or no control are involved as well, from social issues to cultural influences and economic issues come into play. Yet, it is a fact that those who focus on their dreams and goals, create wealth during economic down turns.

“We experience what we believe. If we don’t believe that we experience what we believe, then we don’t, which still means the first statement is true.” Harry Palmer

None-the-less, you have the power to manage your response to your experiences. You have the power to choose what you focus on. No matter your circumstances, you can direct your attention to that which will most positively support your beliefs and actions.

You can shift your focus and your attitude in many ways:

– Think about something else. Switch your attention to something that engages and stimulates you. “I can see this situation differently than my first reaction.”

– Engage in physical activities to energize and stimulate the endorphins -walking, dancing, sports, hiking, sailing, exercise, play games that demand your full attention (card or board games, trivia pursuit, etc), thus, minimizing negative thoughts.

– Challenge your negative thoughts. Ask yourself if your thoughts represent the facts or if they are simply your own negative projections, fears and assumptions (Notice if there is a pattern – (Ain’t it awful, Poor me, Why me? If only, Why don’t they, didn’t they? etc.)

– Write each worry, fear and negative thought on paper. Write an explanation why each is true. Then challenge yourself to prove each is true. If you cannot prove they are true, you have proven they are not true. Then wade the paper into a ball and toss it, burn it or tear it up, while visualizing yourself getting rid of those thoughts.

– Write a gratitude list. List all the positive things in your life that you are grateful for; give thanks for them and feel the positive energy shift you into a positive mindset.

This process will direct what you focus on and will change your energy levels, your mind-set and ultimately your life.