How to Get Back Your Long Distance Ex Girlfriend – Don’t Let a Few Miles Stop You

How to Get Back Your Long Distance Ex Girlfriend – Don’t Let a Few Miles Stop You

You were having a long distance relationship and although there were some hard times, overall, you were just happy that you had found someone that you can be with even if it was a long distance relationship. Then, you started to get the impression that maybe she was not as happy with the situation that the two of you were in. Still, you had some hope that you would be able to work through it, especially since you were already trying to make things work long distance. Now, you are left to wonder, is there any way that you can win back your long distance ex girlfriend?

You Can’t Let a Few Miles Stop You…

I am not going to lie. The distance thing does make it a little bit harder. Some people have a pretty hard stance on whether or not they will do a long distance romance. One thing that you have going for you, is that you know a part of her is open to that idea, because she was doing it. So, even though it may be a little bit harder than other situations, it certainly is not impossible.

One thing that you cannot do is to allow a few miles to get in the way of what you want. If you really feel a strong attraction for this woman, then you need to put a little elbow grease into it and find a way to win her back. You do have this working out for you. Since she is kind of far away from you, you really don’t have to worry about running into her and saying something that you will later regret.

The Phone Is Not Your Friend – But It Can Be…

Your main line of communication with a long distance romance is the phone. Well, that and the computer, but they are very similar. Your phone is not your friend if you find yourself picking it up every 5 minutes and thinking about dialing her up just to hear her voice. It can be your friend if you strategically use it as a way to lead her into thinking about you.

A well timed, short text message here and there can work wonders to keep you on her mind, make her smile, and think about what it would be like to be back in a relationship with you. When you send her a text message, make it mean something. Give her a little taste of attention and then go about your business. Chances are, you will be able to catch her in a moment when she is thinking about you. And that well timed text message may be enough to make her smile as she thinks about calling you up.

From there, you can easily incorporate a few more methods to make her feel attracted to you. When you have stacked up enough attraction factors… then you can be sure that she will be open to the idea of working things out with you.