3 Tips to Prevent Age Spots and Look As Young As You Feel

3 Tips to Prevent Age Spots and Look As Young As You Feel

You look in the mirror and there it is… the dreaded age spot. Not just one but several. You’re not least you don’t feel old! What the heck is happening?

These spots would more appropriately be called “sun spots”. Excess melanin in the skin is activated by the sun and areas on your face and hands appear darker than the rest of the skin. Many people notice them first, on the left side of the face if they do a lot of driving as the suns UVB rays can penetrate the window glass. Typically the hands also receive more sun exposure and you may notice age spots there as well. So what can you do about them?

First, if you really want them to fade, you must make a commitment to consistently using a sunscreen every day, rain or shine! This can prevent your age spots from getting larger and/or darker. 25 SPF should be fine for incidental sun exposure. For your face, use a product that is specifically for facial skin. Generally they are suited to all skin types and are noncomedogenic. Some companies also offer a hand cream that contains a sunscreen as well.

Second, use a product that helps restore the skin’s even tone. Even Complexion Essence by Mary Kay has been clinically shown to renew the skin’s natural, uniform tone by helping reduce conspicuous dark spots and reverse skin discoloration. This product is suitable for all skin types and all skin tones. Results will be apparent in as little as 4 weeks and with continued use, the results are even more impressive.

Third, watch your diet and avoid smoking. Factors that can make you more disposed to age spots are a diet high in saturated fats and refined sugars as well as a lack of vitamins. Smoking is another habit that will damage your skin. Age spots often appear, even as early as the late twenties but are generally more common after the age 50.

Lifestyle factors play a major role in your appearance. Take a few minutes a day to prevent age spots with sunscreen and a topical cream to fade existing spots. Eat well, avoid smoking and not only your skin will improve but your health will improve dramatically.