Lucky 7 – The Secrets of What Men Really Want

Lucky 7 – The Secrets of What Men Really Want

Anyone who ever said that figuring out what men really want from a woman has probably led a pretty lonely life. It can be a real challenge to determine what exactly it is you should be doing to attract the kind of relationship you want in your life, but it is possible. By learning just 7 things, you will be well on your way to relationship fulfillment such as you have never known before. What men really want isn’t a well-guarded secret; it’s just a matter of learning a few basic truths about the male species.

1. Confidence: Men don’t want to have to babysit your ego. They want a woman who is confident enough and independent enough to live her own life outside of him, while at the same time enjoying creating a mutually satisfying relationship with them.

2. Poise: The way you carry yourself, your attitude, your willingness to be yourself – these are all signs to him that you are confident and that he won’t have to worry about bolstering your self-esteem. He can focus his attention on getting to know you!

3. Attention: It may seem obvious, but men love when their women pay to them loads of attention. Whether you are trying to snag a new guy or re-ignite the fires of a long-term relationship, lavish your man with attention and make him feel special, and you will reap the relationship rewards!

3. A One-of-the-Guys Mentality: Men want their girlfriends to be one of the guys – to a certain extent. In other words, they want someone they can hang out with and have fun with, without having to delve into a deep philosophical conversation about the state of their relationship every time.

4. Space: Be sure to give him some space to be himself outside of the relationship, and he’ll appreciate his time with you even that much more.

5. Support and Affection: Most guys won’t admit it, but they need us. They like it when we make public displays of affection. Hold hands, laugh at his jokes, and be willing to snuggle up to him in the movie theatre. But understand that he doesn’t want you hanging off of him. Men are taught to be have stiff upper lip and not to appear needy, but the truth is they have emotional needs just like we do, and if you can find a way to be there for them without emasculating him in the process, he’ll be putty in your hands. ( includes when it comes to the bedroom. He needs to know you are satisfied with his sexual technique. Don’t assume he knows. Tell him.

6. Fun: What’s the fun in being serious all the time? Lighten up! From conversation to sex, infusing a little fun into things will show him you know how to have a good time. And a fun-loving girl is an attractive girl!

7. A Complete Woman: No, this doesn’t mean to have to be the most beautiful, interesting, sexy, captivating person in the world – that’s a lot to ask of one person. Being the total package in this case means coming to the relationship as an already complete person. It’s not attractive to a man when a woman goes into a relationship looking to find meaning to her life. A relationship should be about complementing who you already are, not about defining an identity for yourself.

Keep these 7 things in mind and you’ll keep your man happy. Once you know what a man really wants from you, the rest is easy!