Is He in Love With You? How to Tell What His Heart Feels

Is He in Love With You? How to Tell What His Heart Feels

Have your dates with him been fun, exciting and even intimate, but you wonder if he’s in love with you? Does he give you an array of odd signs that seem to contradict themselves? Are you afraid to become more invested in the relationship if he’s not really going to get on board? Guys can be a little mysterious when it comes to love.

To a large extent they don’t even understand what they’re feeling, never mind being able to clearly convey to you what’s in their heart. But this article will show you what you need to be on the look out for.

Where do You Fit In?

Though you might be seeing him pretty often, take a look at what you’re actually doing when together. If the time spent revolves around only what he wants to do and going where he wants to go, your likes and dislikes aren’t very important to him.

The guy who’s interested in you is going to want to keep you interested in him as well. He’ll do what he can to ensure you’re having fun with him.

Where is He When You’re Down?

Guys can get very selfish when they’re in a relationship. It’s all about them and if you’re having any kind of problem or troubles in your life, he doesn’t want to be bothered by them.

When a guy truly cares about a girl, you can bet he’s there when she’s having problems. He wants to help and wants to be part of the solution.

Where is He on the Question of Commitment?

If he’s giving you lame excuses as to why he still wants to date other women, watch out. He’s not serious about this relationship at all. While it may be normal after the first few dates, after that you should be the only girl he’s seeing.

Read the signs carefully and you, too, can know what’s really going on with him and his heart.