Appreciation – The Shortcut Into Your Vortex

Appreciation – The Shortcut Into Your Vortex

“If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is ‘thank you,’ that will suffice.” – Meister Eckhart (1260-1327)

There’s great wisdom in that quote from Meister Eckhart as well as in the similar statement from Abraham that if all you do is look for things to appreciate, you will live a joyous, spectacular life. I have been aware of the power and magic of appreciation for many years and have had good success in applying it. However, until recently, I had only been aware of the tip of that iceberg. I am now thrilled to discover that appreciation is even more powerful and more magical than I ever knew!

When a client (thanks, Holly!) mentioned Rhonda Byrne’s newest book, The Magic, I felt inspired to check it out. Upon receiving it, I got started right away with the 28 day appreciation practice. The primary practice is to write down 10 things you appreciate every day. Piece of cake, right???

Until I realized I was expected to write down 10 different things I appreciate every day for 28 days. It seems funny to me now, but at the time, I wondered if I could even come up with 280 different things to appreciate. Well, I’m happy to say I could; and after 28 days, I decided to go for 40. And after 40 days, I can see no value in stopping – ever. Why would I stop something so easy, fun and transformative?

“Thank you is the bridge from where you are now, to the life of your dreams.” – Rhonda Byrne

Here are four new ways I’ve discovered to make appreciation work even better:

*Think About Why. Make a list of who / what you appreciate and really FEEL it. Then take another moment to think about WHY you appreciate these people and things. Adding “because” amps up appreciation big time. For example: With all my heart, I appreciate _____________ because _____________________.

*Remember Self-Appreciation. Make sure at least one thing you appreciate each day is about YOU. Include aspects of yourself – just the way you are – that you love and appreciate.

“Giving thanks for what you want in advance turbo-charges your desires and sends a more powerful signal out into the Universe.” – Rhonda Byrne

*Appreciate in Advance. As you’re planning your day, think about a particular event you would like to go well. Imagine the successful outcome as if it has already happened. For example: With all my heart, I appreciate the successful meeting with Fred. Feel deep joy and appreciation for the excellent meeting and the positive outcome – before it occurs. This is a great way to add the power of appreciation to the segment intending process.

*Anticipate Happy Surprises. How good would it feel to appreciate that the Universe is always conspiring on your behalf? In the morning – and when you think of it throughout the day – say “Thank you, Universe, for surprising and delighting me today.” Then stay alert for happy surprises coming your way.

“Whatever you think about and thank about, you bring about.” – John Demartini

I’m pretty sure you already know the value of appreciation and the benefits that come from practicing it. You probably know that the consistent practice of appreciation tunes your vibration to the vibration of your vortex. You may know that appreciation opens your eyes and your heart to the magic, abundance, and magnificence of life. You’re probably aware that appreciation aligns you with all manner of Well Being – including financial abundance, loving relationships, and vibrant good health.

So I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to really use it. I challenge you to let appreciation become a way of life. I challenge you to make appreciation your best friend and constant companion.

It all comes down to this: If you want your life to improve a little bit, appreciate a little bit. If you want your life to improve exponentially, appreciate all the time!

Truly, you’ll be amazed at the joyful synchronicities that begin flowing into your life. And you’ll wonder with glee, “How can something this easy be this magical and powerful?”