Should I Forgive a Cheating Man? Why He Did it and How to Get Past It

Should I Forgive a Cheating Man? Why He Did it and How to Get Past It

Are you afraid to trust your cheating man? Has he caused you so much pain, you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to get past it? Are you confused and don’t understand why he hurt you like this? Infidelity can be devastating and not every couple recovers from such a betrayal. But if you’re intent on making this relationship work, here’s what to consider.

If you’re dating a chronic cheater, you need to realize that you might be hurt time and again. Really analyze your relationship with him to see if he’s worth the pain he’s causing you.

On the other hand, if your relationship seems to have been going great and he simply slipped up, you need to know what caused him to slip. The best way is to talk it out with him and really listen. You might not be pleased with what he has to say, but you do need to take it all in, mull it over and see if you might have had a hand in his cheating.

Many men will complain of a lack of a sexual relationship. Months into a romance, some women will simply back away from this aspect of a relationship, and they automatically assume the guy will just be happy with that. Few are and if you’re refusing to see the importance of this aspect of your relationship, you might be headed for further betrayals in the future. Try to find a comfort zone you’ll both be happy with.

That said, sex is rarely the only thing that’s going wrong in a relationship when a man decides to cheat. If you ask a man why he cheated, there’s a good chance he’ll tell you that the woman in his life is constantly on his back, always complaining and endlessly putting him down.

The nagging, harping and constant barrage of insults can wear a guy down. A guy’s manhood isn’t only in his pants. If you’re picking away at his masculinity with your remarks, he’ll quickly realize he needs someone to pick his ego up.

And when he meets that pretty woman who finds him amusing and thinks he’s smart and admires the things you find ludicrous, he’ll be putty in her hands.

Keep him happy at home and you’ll keep him faithful.