Making Him Fall in Love – His Heart in Your Hands

Making Him Fall in Love – His Heart in Your Hands

Is it about time you put the single life behind you and concentrate of getting a great guy to fall in love with you? Have you known many men in your life, but the relationships were fleeting, meaningless and shallow? Are you afraid you may not know how to make a serious relationship happen? Meeting a man to build a relationship with is far different from meeting a man you’ll have a few fun nights with. Read on to see the tactics you’ll need to change if you want to embark on this new game.

Almost every man will, consciously or subconsciously, put women into two groups; the ones they just want to have fun and sex with, and the ones they want to build a relationship with. If you’re posing as the woman who’s willing to have indiscriminate sex with just about anyone, the guy who is looking for a real relationship will most likely look right by you. He just doesn’t see you as serious relationship material.

So put your hot and sexy self on the backburner a moment and let guys know that you have a whole lot more going on. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to cover up to the extreme; your sexuality can still show through, but remember you want him to be able to look above your chest line.

Be the fun date who brings a lot of challenge (by not being too easy to get), excitement (by inviting him to new and fun adventures), and comfort (by being available to hear him out and support him when things aren’t going well). Show him the diversity of things that interest you and let him have a glimpse of the career woman you are.

Also be ready to let him expound on the things that make him the man he is. Be respectfully impressed and show a touch of admiration. Don’t lay it on too thick so that he’ll think you’re either phony or easily impressed.

All this will make him love you and then you can bring out the sexual tiger you are. It’ll be worth it.