Why Women at the Club Are Hard to Get

Why Women at the Club Are Hard to Get

I had a remarkable realization about approaching women the other day, something that I believe all men can benefit from. Who would have thought that I would have this epiphany at the doctor’s office, of all places?

It so happens that I wasn’t feeling well that day so I paid my doctor a visit. The guy’s an excellent physician; every time I come to see him, he treats my condition successfully and he gives me exactly what I need. But for all his strengths, he has a major flaw: he doesn’t quite look or act the way you would expect a typical doctor to.

What I mean is, the first thing you would notice about this guy is that he’s small, chubby and awkward – he’s nothing like those charming M.D.’s you see on television. He doesn’t radiate the tiniest bit of charisma, and there isn’t anything special about him at all. Outside of his office, he’d easily be the type of person that no one pays any attention to. But at his place of work, everyone listens to him and respects him, despite his slight stature – simply because he’s the boss. In that particular environment (his office), he commands a great amount of authority and power.

In the same way, a woman has a degree of superiority in a certain setting – the club. She feels more empowered in a club than she usually would in her everyday environment. Note that a woman generally takes on a more dressed-up, more dolled-up persona when she goes clubbing: she purposely puts together a whole look that makes her her feel self-assured, glamorous and alluring. To some men, she might even appear intimidating. She’s also aware that the dramatic lighting in the club makes her look striking – an effect she can’t quite create in daylight. On top of all this, she knows that she’s in a place where men would likely chat her up, and that she has the privileged position to turn down anyone she doesn’t find the least bit attractive.

Clearly, this frame of reference won’t work in your favor so easily.

For this reason, I highly recommend men to approach women outside of the club setting, too. Meeting someone during the daytime is actually quite advantageous. Without the lights and glamour of the nightlife, you’re just two ordinary individuals living regular lives. In a normal, everyday environment, you’re equals.

Remember the hot, sexy vixen you saw at the club last night, the one who you knew for sure was going to blow you off with a bitchy vindictiveness? You might just find her at your local Starbucks tomorrow morning – the plain Jane in her blue jeans, sitting alone and unnoticed in the corner. Now, doesn’t she seem more approachable, even attainable?

If you’re seriously hoping to have a lady in your life, this is something worth keeping in mind: You have better chances at a date with an ordinary girl who you meet in a normal, daytime setting, rather than with the fully made-up glamazon at the club.