How to Prospect Using Attraction Marketing

How to Prospect Using Attraction Marketing

Are you using attraction marketing to build your MLM business? As a network marketer, don’t you wish for a scenario whereby enthusiastic prospects are eagerly calling you to find out more about your business opportunity and to inquire about how they can join your team? That surely would be an ideal situation. Meanwhile, for masters of attraction marketing, such a scenario is neither a utopia nor a mere wishful thinking.

When people like you as a person and are interested in what you’re doing with your business, they usually keep up to date with all your activities, hoping to learn from you. Now, what is attraction marketing? Does it work, and or how does it work? In what ways can you incorporate attraction marketing strategies into your network marketing business?

Attraction marketing is primarily concerned with providing valuable contents to your potential customers (and even existing ones), such that they’ll count themselves fortunate to know you. And as a result of the valuable information you supply them, these prospects in turn are often willing to consider any product or program coming from you or recommended by you.

Attraction marketing is a way of leveraging on trust and goodwill. For that reason, I must warn you early on that the benefits of attraction marketing are usually not reaped instantly, any more than we can make people to trust us from day one. Therefore if you decide to implement attraction marketing in your MLM business (which I strongly recommend), then know that you are embarking on a long term strategy that will slowly but surely build you a strong customer base and loyal following.

In attraction marketing, you are to shift your focus away from immediate sales or recruiting. The main idea is not to concentrate on sales, but rather to first create a friendly atmosphere that engenders trust. You should focus on providing resources and training which benefit your PROSPECTS FIRST! Now, that may sound a bit strange to some who have become enamored with traditional prospecting methods.

But to succeed in applying attraction marketing techniques, you must first learn about people’s purchasing philosophy and change your focus. When people patronize your business because they have begun to trust you, your company will grow at a deeper level and at a more accelerated rate.

Does it work? Well, why else is it getting more and more popular in the online marketplace? The fact is, this strategy has always worked for every online marketer willing to go for the long haul. When fully and patiently implemented, attraction marketing guarantees bigger long term growth and profits for your business. It will keep willing prospects coming to you, eager to get registered.

The basic approach in attraction marketing is rather simple. It revolves around providing valuable information to your prospects. The idea is to demonstrate to them that you truly and fully understand the business you are into, and that you understand it a bit more than the other marketers they might have encountered in the past. Now, this claim of yours is only proven when the information you give solves practical problems for your prospects.

Further, you follow this up by teaching them aspects of their business they may not have thought of. Of course, this calls for two things on your part: (1) that you have a clear knowledge of what your prospects are trying to achieve with their businesses and (2) that you are knowledgeable enough to comment on ways they can do it better.

Marketers who are perceived as placing a high value on the interests of their clients often have a huge loyal following. That is attraction marketing. Ever since this marketing concept got crystallized a few years ago, it’s proven to be the most effective method of prospecting for both online and offline customers. And it works in every industry segment.