Why is it That He Cheats? – Are You the One Hurting Your Own Relationship?

Why is it That He Cheats? – Are You the One Hurting Your Own Relationship?

Have you been cheated on by a guy? Where you the perfect girlfriend but somehow that was still not enough for him? Would you like to know why it is he cheats? There are only two people that can be the source of the problem: you or him. If you want some closure or you are just dying to know, keep reading to find out why he cheats. I sure you will be surprised by what you have learned.

Cheating is a problem that always has a root. It can be either him or it can be you. Often types women get so caught up with anger and emotions after finding out a guy cheated on them that they often forget to examine to see if they had in part in causing the problem. They are quick to point fingers and blame without ever considering the fact that maybe they hurt the guy before.

If a guy is in a healthy relationship and he is happy, then nine time out of ten he is going to remain faithful. Cheating is usually found within relationships where the guy is unhappy for some reason. Even little things can have big effects on a relationship like nagging all the time or not giving him enough space or freedom. If you have recently found out that he has cheated on you then before you yell at him, consider your actions over the past few weeks. Have you done anything to take the joy out of the relationship? If the answer to that question is yes, then you now know why ii is he cheated.

Probably the best way to know why is it he cheated on you is too confront him. That maybe hard, because talking about it has the potential to escalate into an argument. But you need to control yourself and don’t come off as being condensing or judging. Chances are me might actually just explain to you straight up what were his motivations to cheat on you. Remember, try to keep the shouting to a minimum and actually give him your honest attention. He might bring up some really valid points that you would miss if are too busy screaming at him.

If he has destroyed all of your trust by cheating on you, the next best move to make would be to end the relationship. There cannot be any relationship without trust. If you know that every time you seem him, cheater is going to be running through you mind, then it is not worth trying to salvage the relationship. Yes, if he cheated on you once there is a chance that he can do it again. However, if you agree to give him a second chance that is exactly what you need to give him. That means a clean slate and a fresh start.

Having a guy cheat on you is a very painful experience especially if you do not know why is it he cheated. However, do not be too quick to judge the guy that you forget to examine your own self and your flaws.