Intrigue Him – He’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love

Intrigue Him – He’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love

Are you able to hold a conversation with a man, but you’ve never found the way to intrigue him? Have you gone on countless dates and they go well then fizzle? Do your relationships with men seem to be only about the sex and you can’t get them to be interested in anything else? Sex seems to have added a lot of confusion to modern relationships. But there are things you can do to eliminate this confusion that surrounds so many new couples these days.

The easiest thing is to keep sex out of the relationship for a little while. It’s unfortunate that the notion of holding off sex has been equated to being old fashioned or prudish. The truth is that keeping sex for a little later (we’re not saying you have to wait ’til marriage) is a way of telling the man two things:

1) You’re not just out looking for an easy one night stand.

2) You respect yourself enough to make him work to prove that he deserves the privilege to get that close to you.

Sex has a way of blurring the truth a bit. Passionate sex can deceive a woman, letting her believe there is really more to the relationship than there actually is. The majority of women, no matter how experienced they are, end up reading a bunch of emotions into every sexual encounter with a man they really like.

If you could think of sex as the goal and not the starting point, you would end up building an intoxicating amount of sexual tension. Another big pay off, of course, is that while you’ve been putting sex to the side, you’ve had a chance to really get to know this guy.

Is he in fact what you want for a lifelong mate? And what have you been showing him? He should come to see the many qualities that you have to offer. Did you know that men really do love to show off how great their girlfriend is? They want to tell their friend that you’re smart, funny and exciting. If all he has to say about you is that you’re hot and good in bed, there’s a good chance he thinks that’s all there is to you. That’s not really a good position to be in.

Think in terms of being a great friend to him. Be his confident and the person he most wants to talk to at the end of the day. Praise him and make it clear you appreciate the place he has in your life.

With sex being there in the background to tease and tantalized him while he gets to know so much about you, he’s sure to be increasingly intrigued with every date. And if you can leave him feeling good about himself and sure about you, he’ll want to come back to see you more and more often. And that’s the greatest lead into a long lasting relationship.