How to Make a Girl to Like You – Easy Way to Make It Happen

How to Make a Girl to Like You – Easy Way to Make It Happen

Every guy wants to know the secret to attract and date with a hot girl, but too often, they are clueless on the female psyche. Believe it or not, it’s absolutely possible for any guy to learn and make her feel attracted to you. Read on…

Draw Attention

If you think that those men who get women are because of looks, money or a nice car, it’s not true. In reality, a man’s ability to attract a female comes down to one important thing….. confidence.

Men who are attractive to women have a natural sense of confidence showing through from their body language which makes every woman irresistible. By drawing attention, a man makes a girl work for his attention, not the opposite way. He don’t compliment or do anything to please her. In fact, he’ll find someone else if he don’t feel the interaction.

Physical Contact

By women’s very nature, they are more in touch with their feelings than men. So if you want to sexually attract a girl, you have to create a sense of comfort within her. She must feel comfortable being with you in order to pull down the defensive barrier in between. One sure workable way is to have physical contact.

If you’ve ever seen a couple in public, you probably notice a body language of extreme coziness. Their relationship have been progressing from awkwardness to a complete comfort, so they are not afraid to touch one another.

The next time when you are talking face to face with a girl you like, have physical contact with her. For instance, you can help her to remove an eyelash from her cheek. Or, you can pretend there is something on her face to give an excuse to touch her. By doing this, you’ll create an instant connection inside her subconscious.

Reading Body language

For beginners, pay attention on her eyes. If you find a girl keep looking at you, only look away when an eye contact is made, she probably is attracted to you. If she often give a smile, then most likely she is trying to get your attention.

She might also be attracted to you if:

– She approaches and talk to you

– She laughs at your jokes ( even the most stupid one)

– She talks to you softly

– She ask about your weekend plans

If you get any of this signs, don’t hesitate and make your move.

Confidence is the key to get attractive to women. All the techniques discussed in this article will help you in seduction with women. By creating a sense of comfort and knowing how to read her body language, you’ll be success in getting any girl attracted to you.