Giving Men What They Really Need – Decoding Male Psychology

Giving Men What They Really Need – Decoding Male Psychology

Are you in tune with the people around you, you’re really savvy in the business world and you know how to create great contacts, but you really know nothing about male psychology? Do you wish dating could be as easy as a business meeting and you could just wrap up a relationship in a neat little contract? Are you eager to meet a good man you can spend your life with, but you don’t know how to win him over? Understanding men and their needs isn’t always easy. Read on to see what you need to know.

Succeeding in the business world is quite similar to succeeding in romance. Both take determination and patience. Tact and a pleasant personality are also helpful. Just as you will put a potential client at ease, so should you a potential date. Pleasantries and polite conversation before getting to the business at hand can lighten the mood and make everyone feel better about the encounter.

When you meet a man, don’t be all business, and by this I mean, don’t instantly be in relationship building mode. If you come on too strong and try to get to the business of building a relationship from the moment you meet him, he’ll be overwhelmed.

Start with pleasant conversation, easy and fun. Find out about him and set him at ease as you listen to him and encourage him to tell you more. If this is your first meeting with him, your first date or first conversation, you don’t want to get into heavy topics and you certainly don’t want to let on that you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Have fun with it and let yourself go without any preconceived notions or expectations. As your friendship grows and you begin to feel a burst of emotions for him, don’t suddenly drop it in his lap and insist he feel the same for you. Emotions can build at different rhythms, and women’s rhythms are generally a lot quicker than men’s. Give him time to sort it all out and continue to just have fun with him while exploring more about each other.

Your business savvy might have you taking the wheel more often than not, but on the dating scene it doesn’t hurt to allow him to be in charge every once in a while. Not that you ceding control, but you do want to let him know that you’re not going to push him this way and that way for your whole relationship. He needs to know that he can have his say as well.

Successful women today are proud of their accomplishments, as they should be and you shouldn’t be afraid to share this with him. He’ll be all the more proud and will admire you. However, don’t go too far and shove your successes in his face all while diminishing his achievements. There’s really no point in turning this into a competition and in this context, no one really wins.

Show him your admiration for who he is and don’t feel that this takes away from the woman you are. A man still wants to feel important and strong in a relationship and many women try to kick a man into submission. If you really want a strong man at your side for the rest of your life, be certain that you can handle his strength. If not you’ll constantly butt heads and will never be happy.

Love takes time and it can’t be faked. Read your emotions honestly and give him a real chance to love the woman you really are, not just a business façade.