This is How to Get Him Hooked – Like a Fish

This is How to Get Him Hooked – Like a Fish

How do you get him hooked? That is the term they use in fishing, right? What does it mean for people? Is the method of hooking someone the same as when people are fishing? Let us talk about it. We will show you how to get him hooked.

It is a lot like fishing. When people fish, they use a sharp hook, but it is covered with bait or an attractive lure. If you want to get him hooked, you must do the same.

The hook, of course, is the commitment. You want to make a guy fall in love and make him commit to you, right? You can attract men if you give them the right kind of attraction.

· Some people think that the thing to do is give him lots of sex. As much as he wants; then he will surely be happy, right? WRONG. When men fish, what do they often do when the catch one? They throw it back. Many men are out there, not to catch a fish, but to enjoy the act of fishing. In the same way, if a man is interested in you and you give him the sex he wants, he may very well throw you back, too.

So, it is better to not give him sex. Make him keep wanting it until you have the commitment you are looking for. Make him fish, but do not give him the fish. Do not make him throw you back.

· Do you want Mr. Right to fall in love with you? Then you have to be special. That is not hard. There are very few special people any more, so it is easy to look good by comparison. One evidence of this is that people think they can just do and say anything that comes to mind. This is not bait – this is anti-bait.

This is what happens – someone says something that makes them feel mad – so they express their anger. The other person responds with more anger; pretty soon the sparks are flying. Or someone feels depressed and starts to talk about it. Soon, everyone feels depressed and wishes that person would go away. And so on. You avoid this by being a happy, upbeat, positive person. Good dating advice will tell you to give off positive energy. Do for him and say to him only positive things.

· Learn life skills. People do not like people who are dependent on them for everything. That turns men off. So learn to take care of yourself. Learn how to do things. No only will you be less dependent, but you will feel more self confident. Take a class. Read books. Go places. Do things. Meet people. This will add dimension to your personality and make you a much more attractive person as a companion and a mate.

That is the type of women that can get him hooked.