Yes Please, Jeeves – Law of Attraction Tool

Yes Please, Jeeves – Law of Attraction Tool

Clear the clutter, let go, create space – why do we do it?

We know to be happy in the now, to appreciate where we are at this time. For to focus only on being happy when we get there will not work with the universe. So what does this have to do with clearing the clutter? Clearing out our physical space is a mind cleansing exercise, it helps us to let go of attachment and to move through and clear any conflicting subconscious blocks. A clever Law of Attraction tool, personal in nature and very satisfying.

Clearing personal space allows you to receive more. Yes it makes room for good things to come more quickly to you.

Presently, I am in the middle of a huge, home, decluttering project. One that will be extended well into the remainder of the year. I cannot fathom why I have kept old dried flowers (certainly past their use by date), printers no longer working, old travel magazines, money magazines on mortgages, notebooks from years gone by and no longer useful. Clothes that are out of fashion and some now great for rags. What was I thinking?

Although it is satisfying to clear some of the mess, it remains that some of our possessions come with a strong emotional attachment. We have memories attached to them and that is what makes them valuable to us. And it is hard to let them go, even when you know it is time. As they say we are creatures of habit and it is that habit we strive to break.

So, I tell myself I cannot keep hoarding things especially since I want to bring more of what I have been asking for, into my life. As I clean through my house, i move certain objects that I have an intense emotional bond to, aside. I put them in plain view and say to myself “soon, but not today, soon I will be ready.” It reminds me of baby’s first day at school and the feelings of having to let go, because it was the right thing to do, and a good thing. You know the time is coming and you have time to prepare, and that’s a good feeling.

In letting go, I have mixed feelings because of the attachment, the memories and to something as simple as a dress, a book or a hand painting.

Then something wonderful happens and you share another’s experience and realise that it is a process to move through. Then you feel the excitement of knowing what you have asked for is coming. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling.

Here’s what I shared: Dr. Shelley Kaehr “I’ve been doing a lot of releasing lately. Letting go of material possessions big time. It always means something is coming, and so I will see what happens. Meanwhile, I feel light and refreshed after relinquishing attachment.

I seriously don’t have anything on the walls anymore!!! It is hilarious! I don’t want anymore either, but the problem is, I am likely to fill things up again at some point – only a matter of time. For now, it feels clear and that is good. Each thing that walks out of this place makes me feel lighter than I have. What is the universe going to bring? I can’t wait to see, but it always brings something when we let go. I have to believe it must be big and good because I always get rid of stuff, but the deepening of this during the last round – letting go of things I have intense emotional bonds to – has been quite profound on some spiritual level.”

Shelley’s comments really put things into perspective and enabled me to understand that the anxious feelings were just part of the clearing process. I look forward to completing the task and encourage anyone to use the web to find more supporting statements to assist you in your journey to abundance.

The effect of clearing your clutter may sound simple but it awakens in you, feelings that you did not know existed. Let go of the attachment, practice your ‘clearing techniques’ eg. tapping, mind movies, vision boards, meditation and relax knowing that you are on the path to fulfillment and this is a good thing.