Does He Love You? Find Out the Truth

Does He Love You? Find Out the Truth

Are you guys getting along really well, but you don’t know yet if he loves you or not? Have you been trying to get him to come out and say those three little words, but he simply won’t? Are you afraid he might not love you as you do him? Men can be a bit tightlipped when it comes to displaying their emotions, but they often let a few hints slip by.

Who is having more fun on your dates?

Ideally you want to both enjoy yourself, but it’s normal that the scale will tip to one side every now and then. However, if you’ve noticed that you’re always stuck doing what he enjoys while he ignores what makes you happy, there’s a good chance that he’s not really thinking about you all that much.

If he’s interested in finding out what you enjoy and he then goes out and plans for dates that will have you smiling, you know you’re on the right track.

Can he be helpful in a crisis?

While it’s never a good idea to dump all your problems on a guy, especially when you’re just starting to date, a guy who is interested in you will want to help you out if you’re in a bind. At the very least he’ll want to hear you out and offer a solution. But if he just ignores your problem and doesn’t want to be bothered at all, he obviously doesn’t care about you.

Is the slightest commitment out of the question?

If by your fifth date with him you’re starting to think this is turning into a relationship, but he’s still seeing other women, you’re not both on the same path. And whether it’s your fifteenth or twenty-fifth date and he’s still refusing to give up other women, the answer is the same… no matter what reasoning he offers you. Cut your losses and move on.