The Winning Way to Play Hard to Get

The Winning Way to Play Hard to Get

Are you unable to get the hang of playing hard to get in a way that will actually get you the guy? Do you play so hard to get that you never get got? Have you given up on such childish games and have decided to just play it straightforward? Here are a few tricks that will make playing hard to get easy and will keep him chasing after you.

First, understand the importance of this portion of a relationship. This is your chance to keep a guy just at arm’s length. He’s close enough that you get to know him and see what kind of guy he is, but he’s just far enough away that he realizes he still has a way to go before he can call you his.

Then start by not being so readily available. If you go out dancing at a club with your friends, smile, and flirt, but when he comes to see you, don’t just abandon your friends to dance with him. Chat a bit, but don’t be completely captivated by him.

By the end of the night, when he asks for a date, politely and regrettably tell him you’re not available on the night in question. Only accept when he asks you for another night. You can even hesitate a bit, but don’t forget to give him a ray of hope. You can’t just shoot him down and expect him to continue pursuing you.

On subsequent dates, don’t start gushing about the long term relationship you hope to forge with him. Remember, you’re just starting out and you guys should have quite a bit of time to get to know each other. If you jump ahead too fast, he may think you’re desperate, or worse still, nuts.

Also don’t open up your life to him and tell him everything about you. Some women can go too far in divulging information about themselves. It leaves nothing for him to discover or wonder about. Keep a touch of mystery alive by holding off on certain aspects of your life.

Just have fun with him, let him know you had a good time, but don’t ask to see him again. Wait until he suggests it. And of course, you don’t want to call him either, even if he did tell you he’d call you.

Wait. This is where a lot of patience comes into play. But you’ll see that it’s worth it in the long run. By not jumping the gun, you’re letting him set the pace. Not only is the lack of pressure enticing to men, but the desire to conquer you will increase and he’ll work hard to try to win you.

Playing hard to get isn’t a simple matter of a manipulative game. It’s really the best way to see what kind of guy you’re dealing with. Play it right, and he’ll prove to you that he’s the right guy to win your heart.