Cure Low Self Esteem

Cure Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem symptoms will affect all parts of your life. When you are not happy it trickles down into all aspects of your life. Causes of low self esteem can be triggered by any event or might be something you have carried around your entire life. Repressing feelings is not the right way to handle low self esteem.

The best way to overcome low self esteem symptoms is to initiate a self esteem inventory. Write down all the good points you see in yourself. I would suggest over a period of time that you write each of these positive traits on an index card, each trait separate. One card per day you can carry this positive trait with you and reconfirm this throughout the day, reminding yourself you possess this quality. After you have gone through the cards go back and revisit the ones you feel might still affect you in a negative way. Eventually you will see positive qualities in yourself and everyone around you will notice your new positive attitude. The law of attraction is a powerful force.

Make sure you take full responsibility for your low self esteem symptoms. Only you have the power to control your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Only you can make the transformation that will be needed to build up yourself worth again. You will notice the Laws of attraction become fulfilled in your life.

One great way to build low self esteem symptoms is to be completely honest with yourself and others. If you continue to hide your feelings and not express them you could risk slipping into a depression. We don’t want that! When you are honest with your feelings it will prevent you from being confused about how you feel.

We need to erase the old thoughts we were raised with. We have conditions that we live by and we don’t understand why. The reason is because our parents put these ideas in our heads and we made them the law. Well we need to change those conditions or laws that exist in our beliefs. We now each have the individual power within us to build our low self esteem up and ATTRACT new and positive life around us.

Remember that living in negatively long term can have serious health risks. Stress, depression, and anxiety are just a few of the many health concerns that can arise from low self esteem. To turn around negative feelings you need to replace any negative with a positive. If you only think positive thoughts and only focus on what is good you will eventually eliminate any negative or low esteem thoughts.

Think positive, smile, walk with confidence and try to practice one random act of kindness each day. These will be the building blocks to your new attractive and confident personality.