How to Prospect Effectively Without Rejection

How to Prospect Effectively Without Rejection

What if you are at an event like a Christmas party or bar-b-que and you strike up a conversation with someone. Now that we are going into the holiday season, its more than likely that you will find yourself from time to time in situations like these. How can you smoothly transition into your elevator speech or a statement that garners interest in your business?

Practice asking the people you meet about themselves or what do they do for a living. Most people love talking about themselves so give them the floor but listen to what they say and this will give you clues on whether they might be a good fit for your business.

Most marketers practice the F.O.R.M. technique, however very often if you have a savvy prospect, they already will know what you are trying to prospect them and will quickly shut you down. What I have found that works better when I come across someone who has MLM experience, who quite obviously is highly sought after such ad a business owner or broker is quite simply ask them about themselves. If they start telling you about their jobs and accomplishments make sure you listen keenly as to see as to whether your Business might be a fit for that person.

You might get clues as to what challenges your prospect is facing in the first conversation. A lot of people will not open up to you the first time you meet them so as a practice allways try to get your prospects phone number so you can follow up with them. That person might not be looking for an opportunity right now however eventually they will be.

Eventually that person will ask you What do you do? and then you can give them your elevator speech.

You could say:

“I teach people how to earn money in the hot new field of ____ Who do you know that might be looking?”

“I show people how to get wholesale long distance rates as well as get their cell phone service for free.”

“You know how so many people have been looking for a way to lose weight but with busy schedules the keep breaking their commitment? I’ sell diet products to help people lose weight fast and I’m always looking for people to help me spread the word. Seems like there are so many people out there looking for income these days.”

“Things are going great for me now that I set up my new business to cover my sons college expenses. Would you agree with me that most people with children are probably wondering how they will fund their college? I thought about it and set up this new business to help my son do this.”

The more you practice these techniques the more your confidence builds and eventually you’ll have more prospects that you have time to call them back which is a great problem to have.