How to Make a Man Commit – You Probably Didn’t Know This

How to Make a Man Commit – You Probably Didn’t Know This

Are you on the fast track to a great dating season, but you can’t get a guy to commit to you to save your life? Do men swarm around you, eager to get to know you, but then they lose interest and disappear? Have you talked it out with your friends and they all reassure you that you’re a great girl, but the guys just don’t seem to agree? Let’s take a look at what you might be doing wrong.

You’ve probably already noticed how varied men’s views of beauty can be. What can be attractive to one guy, can easily be overlooked by another. Sometimes a woman’s smile or personality is so enticing that it actually enhances her physical appearances to such an extent that some men will truly find her more attractive than the typically pretty girl.

So if you’ve been putting everything into how you look, but little into how you interact with the guy, how you converse with him, or how you make him feel, you’ve been missing out on a vital portion of the building of a relationship. As pretty as you might be, a guy wants to have an interesting conversation, he wants to laugh and have fun with you, and he needs to know that you’re interested in him.

It’s great that you want to talk a bit about yourself, but don’t forget that a man likes to have a few things to say to impress you with. He wants to know that you admire him and appreciate him. Be honest in your assessment of him and don’t overdo it, however. He’ll see right through you.

And most of all, while you’re getting to know each other and building this budding romance, he needs to feel a complete lack of pressure on your part. He might not be falling in love with you at the same rate as you are with him. Don’t assume that you’re timing is right and that he should catch up with you. If you want him to fall in love with you, don’t try to force the issue. Entice his love.