Dating Guide for Men – How to Make a Woman Feel Sexually Attracted to YOU

Dating Guide for Men – How to Make a Woman Feel Sexually Attracted to YOU

Most men are well aware of the need to create sexual attraction with a woman, especially if they want to be more than just a woman’s friend. A�After all, A�if she does not feel anything in the sexual attraction department, the chances that you have of having a relationship with her or getting intimate are practically non existent. A�Yet, A�just knowing that you have to create sexual attraction with a woman is not enough. A�You also have to know what steps to take.

Here’s how to make a woman sexually attracted to you:

1. A�Make her see you right away as being an alpha male

From the very beginning, A�she needs to look at you and see… an alpha male. A�If she looks at you and thinks you are kind of on the wimpy side, or the kind of guy that will let her walk all over you, A�then she’s not going to feel the sexual vibes that she needs to feel. A�Most guys are not able to make a woman see them as an alpha male, A�and they end up being nothing more than just another guy.

2. A�You have to be able to flirt with her and not ease up.

Flirting is one of the easiest things that you can do to make a woman feel attraction for you. A�The thing is, A�you can’t just flirt with her any old way. A�You have to make her feel both excited and a little on edge, A�it’s the perfect combination to make her want you. A�Flirting with a woman is not just about saying a few sweet things and then smiling at her, A�you need to do more to make her fall hard for you.

3. A�You have to know when and HOW to turn up the sexual tension between you and her.

If there is no sexual tension, A�then you can bet that there will be nothing happening in the bedroom with her. A�It’s kind of an art knowing when and how to turn up the sexual tension, A�because timing makes a big difference in the results that you get and the way that she responds to you.