You Can Talk to Any Guy – Here’s What to Do

You Can Talk to Any Guy – Here’s What to Do

Do good looking men just strike you dumb and you can’t talk to the guy to save your life? Do you trip over your tongue and the more you stumble the more nervous you become? Have all your attempt at conversing with a cute guy left you feeling foolish and embarrassed? Well, don’t feel embarrassed. This kind of thing happens to many people, but if you read this article, you’ll find a few tips to change the outcome of your next attempt.

Try to think of him as just another guy.

If you walk up to him with the pressure of trying to get him, you’re setting yourself up for an awkward conversation. But if you go to him with the intent of making light, casual conversation that you would with just anybody, not only will you have less pressure on you, but you’ll be keeping pressure off him as well.

Know what to say to him.

Think ahead of time of a number of questions you can ask him. By asking him questions instead of just coming up and talking about yourself, you’re giving him the chance to take the lead and this will be less stressful for you. You can just sit back and let him do the talking.

Listen carefully to what he says. Not only will he enjoy having your interest, but you can use what he’s saying to ask further questions. When the moment is right and he throws in something that touches your own life, tell him that you share the same experience. Before you know it you’re bonding and sharing common ‘t fear rejection.

If you strut up to him and try to seductively engage him in conversation, he may feel you’re coming on too strong and turn away. But a casual comment, fun banter and friendly questions are harder to reject. Once you’ve warmed him up, then you can perhaps turn up the seduction dial.

Have fun talking to men.