What Do Women Want? Find Out What Women Really Want and Be the Ladies Man You Deserve to Be

What Do Women Want? Find Out What Women Really Want and Be the Ladies Man You Deserve to Be

Figuring out what women want can be a great challenge for most men because women often times send confusing and irrational signals as to what their needs and wants are. The truth is that most men do not know what women want and make up false assumptions that will only lead you to living a dating life that is filled with frustrations. Even worse you may settle for low quality women that do not make you truly happy simply because you do not understand women and the mechanism of female attraction.

On the other hand if you understand attraction and women you can figure out what women want and live a love life that is both passionate and exciting. This life can help you date a variety of women and have many different types of intellectual and physical experiences which can help you find true love in the long run. In this article I will outline two general qualities that all women want in a man.


Humor is very important to women; it was rated as the second most important quality behind honesty. Humor means having a laid back approach to life and not always sucking up to the women or seeking her approval because behavior like this only leads to her putting you in the friend category. Instead you want to have more of a courageous approach that makes you come off as challenging to her.


Too many men today are too predictable in their actions with women because they always do the same thing like buy them flowers and give them generic compliments. This may work for a small percentage of women but hot women experience this behavior all the time so you must do things that are original in order to get a positive reaction from an attractive woman. You can remain mysterious by having hobbies outside of women and dating and not calling the woman everyday because that makes you come off as clingy and insecure.