Zeal is Your Divine Go Power!

Zeal is Your Divine Go Power!

Take a look around the room you’re sitting in. I want you to notice everything. Look at the seat you’re sitting in – notice the color of it. Now, look at the walls in front of and behind you. Look to your right and left and notice the other features of the room.

I’m drawing your attention to these things because I want you to get it that someone had a very clear idea for the room you’re in and what it would look like. To make that room a reality, that person applied energy to an idea.

And that’s how all ideas come to life. Someone applies consistent energy to an idea to bring that idea from the invisible to the visible. Anything that you see in the physical world represents energy applied to a Divine idea. The room you’re in is energy applied to a Divine Idea. Your clothes – energy applied to a Divine idea. Your home – energy applied to a Divine idea. Anything that you see in the physical world – energy applied to a Divine idea. We have a name for that energy. We call it Zeal. And, another name for Zeal is Enthusiasm.

Whatever you want to accomplish – starting a family, getting a job, creating multiple streams of income, overcoming a supposedly incurable disease – you will need to apply your Zeal to that idea to get it done. Nothing great or small has been accomplished without it.

Have you ever tried to drive a car without gas? Why not? Because it won’t go anywhere. A car without gas is like a person without Zeal. You won’t go anywhere. Zeal is the fuel you need to accomplish the ideas God gives you. Zeal is your Go Power!

The amount of Go Power! you will need depends upon the task at hand. Different tasks require different levels of Go Power! The Go Power! needed to get dressed this morning is entirely different from the Go Power! needed to create the room you’re in. The Go Power! needed to type a text message is entirely different from the Go Power! needed to write a 1,000-page novel. The Go Power! to climb three steps is entirely different from the Go Power! needed to climb Mount Everest. Zeal is your Go Power! The amount you need depends on what you’re trying to do.

When you’re working through a challenge, the Go Power! you will need to start a task is different from the Go Power! you will need to finish it. When you’re breaking through to the new you, you will need enough Go Power! to carry you through. And, the closer you get to your goal, the more you need to crank up your Go Power! The Go Power! to start is different from the Go Power! needed to finish.

Have you ever pulled a sticker off a door? You start out good, scraping it with your fingernail to get it started and it seems to pull away pretty easily without leaving any residue. But just when you get to the end, it starts to stick a little harder and all of a sudden, little portions of it start to tear away from the part you’re pulling and stick to the surface. That ever happen to you?

That’s what it’s like when you get close to your goal. You’re almost there. Just 10 more pounds and you’ll be at your ideal weight. You’re about the break through to a whole new you, when, all of a sudden, the sticker starts to break up. Out of nowhere, the urge to eat a cookie grabs you in a choke hold. You’ve been walking past the cookie aisle without temptation for months and now all of a sudden, everything in you wants a cookie. When you daydream, you daydream in cookies. You remember the last time you had one and how good it tasted. You go to your office staff meeting – what do they have on the table – cookies! It’s like you can’t get away from cookies! If you’re going to finally cross that threshold and live at your ideal weight, you’re going to have to crank up your Go Power! to clear that final hurdle.

This is what your Zeal is for – clearing the hurdles that stand between you and the life God intended for you. Zeal is your Go Power! to establish God’s kingdom in your life, world and affairs.

If you have a problem that persists – weight loss, cigarette addiction, chronic low self-esteem, serial joblessness – it’s not because you lack will power. It’s because you lack Zeal power. You have a massive amount of Divine Go Power! inside of you that you have not tapped into.

My guess is that you haven’t tapped in because you’ve been looking in the wrong places. If you’re like most of us, you look for zeal in external forms. You put on an up tempo piece of music, thinking that listening to positive music – even Christian music – is going to bring out the new you. Problem is – the song ends. Even if you put it on repeat and pipe it all throughout your house, eventually, you will have to turn it off.

Or, you listen to motivational tapes while you drive to work. And, that’s good for a time. You feel uplifted while you’re listening to it. You feel so good, you don’t even curse out the driver that just cut you off. Problem is – the tape ends. Even if you’re listening to a Joel Osteen tape, eventually, you will have to turn it off. Eventually, you have to walk into your office and deal with your boss and your co-workers.

So, you decide that songs and motivational tapes are temporary fixes. You want something way more potent. So, you sign up for the next mastermind conference that’s blowing through town. The millionaire mind intensive is coming and you will not be left out! So, you go down to the convention center with the 1,000s of other conferees. The energy in the room is high! The speakers are dynamic! With each one that gets on stage, your energy level and self-confidence rises higher and higher! At some point, you almost feel like you can fly! In fact, you feel so good that you ignore good sense and buy a copy of every book they’ve got available. You walk out of the convention center broke but ready to take down Goliath! Problem is – the conference ends. You’ve got some nice books but over time, nothing in them can get you back to the high you felt when you were at the conference.

You need a Go Power! source that won’t let you down. You need a Go Power! that won’t turn off when you get out of the car or leave the conference. Positive songs, motivational tapes, mastermind conferences are all great tools and they have their place in helping you birth a new you. But none of them will give you the lasting Go Power! the unending Zeal you need to truly make lasting change in your life. The only place to find a Go Power! that won’t quit on you is God. Before you spend another dollar on a book or a conference that’s supposedly going to give you the answer to why you can’t lose weight or teach you to be a Rich Dad and not a Poor Dad, spend some time in the Silence with Spirit.

The Go Power! that will sustain you through any challenge is not in a tape or a CD or at a conference. It comes from within. You will have to turn off the TV, turn off the radio, get off the Internet, turn off the phone, send the children to your momma’s house – do what you must to create a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Sit still. And, ask God to fill you from within with the Zeal you need to accomplish the ideas He’s given you. God will give you the Go Power! you need to create literal miracles. Your job is to get quiet enough and still enough to let Him equip you with the Go Power! to do so.