The 2 Types Of MLM Mentors

The 2 Types Of MLM Mentors

Whenever you start something new it is always good to have someone there to show you how it’s done. That person could be called a mentor. Network Marketing (or MLM) is no different.

You will need to have someone who has been through the same things you are going through now. Someone who can show you how to avoid the 2 biggest problems for new Network Marketers:

– Lead Poverty

– Regular Poverty

Lead Poverty becomes Regular Poverty. But that’s only half the story. Once you have your leads, what then? Will you need help closing them? Are you familiar with the ins and outs of your MLM company? This is why there are actually 2 types of mentors in MLM.

The first type is a general MLM mentor who is (or should be) very familiar with marketing. There are even 2 types of MLM marketing mentor. One is a mentor who has been successful using the traditional methods of MLM marketing. The other is an Attraction Marketing mentor. Even though you should focus on one or the other, there are things you can learn with either one. There are those who will say that it is not possible to build an MLM business the traditional way any more. I don’t believe it. It will be harder and take longer, but it is not impossible. People are doing it at this very moment. Whichever method you use for marketing, is provides leads, which are the lifeblood of your business. Your business can’t exist without them.

Many of this first type of mentor sell their services for a fee. Nothing wrong with that as log as the mentor provides a quality service. Especially in the Attraction Marketing area. We pay for many kinds of services all the time. Mentoring and coaching is big business.

This brings us to the second type of mentor. This is one who is personally and financially invested in your success. Personally because you will develop a friendly relationship with this person. Financially because he or she is your upline and will make more money as you make more money. There is nothing wrong with this either. With a type one mentor the fee is a one-time thing. With the type two mentor there is no fee, and you are growing together. This mentor can (or should) not only teach you about marketing, but can (or should) teach you about the MLM company itself. You have to know both. A personally and financially invested mentor is not likely to forget or ignore you. A good type 2 mentor will teach you something else as well. Leadership. This mentor’s goal will be to duplicate himself/herself through you. Leaders develop more leaders.