Law of Attraction at My Service: Manifestations

Law of Attraction at My Service: Manifestations

According to the dictionary, “to manifest” can be “to show or to demonstrate plainly” and according to me manifesting has become a place where to focus my energy and better yet manifesting has become the focus of my Silence.

You might not notice it at the beginning but once you are used to meditating daily, to silence and to exercise the power of prophecy of your words in your declarations, you start manifesting either almost instantly or simply instantly, depending on how allowing or not you are at the time about your desire.

For a long time now, I have wanted to attract more public appearances. On my search for creative and well designed ways of putting my message out there while remaining “legal”:) and not invasive to others I came across EzineArticles… how awesome is that? Then, some contrast on my ride made me, more than ever before, want to publish my articles in Spanish.

A week ago, it did not take me an hour to find out about a website that publishes articles only in Spanish, “Articulo.” It happened right after I declared: this I am going through is taking me somewhere else! And so it was! Even better, this new website also put your articles available for offline clients looking for content for newspapers and magazines published in Spain and I guess that in any other Spanish speaking countries. Yes!!! By the time this article gets published by EzineArticles, “Articulo” will have published four of my articles in Spanish. Yes, again!

When Abraham says that Source expands through me and the manifestation of my desires, I experience the most profound feeling of joy you can imagine. I understand better now why it is so critical I align to my desire so it can come into fruition. The expansion of Source is mine and mine is Source’s. How deep, how simple, how liberating is that?

If I were to capitalize on what the experience of manifesting has brought into my life, I must declare myself a delicious Billionaire.

I am profoundly appreciative of EzineArticles and Articulo for being my co-creators on this exhilarating adventure of writing. It has been my dream for my entire life.

And now, I will let you go. I want to take a nap, relax, and leave resistance out of the question and then wake up later to see my desires manifest. Just like that, babies!

Virmared Santiago