How to Attract Beautiful Women – Why You Should NEVER Believe She Is Out Of Your League

How to Attract Beautiful Women – Why You Should NEVER Believe She Is Out Of Your League

One of the things that becomes clearer the older that I get, is that most guys really do end up believing that an attractive woman is out of their league. I had a run in with someone that I had gone to high school with, and it was a little eye opening. See, not too long after high school, this guy got with a girl that was incredible looking. It kind of took everyone by surprise, because this guy had no success with girls or women before this.

Anyways, flash forward a few years, and now, he is divorced from her. And let me tell you, it was not his choice. So, I got to talking with him a little bit, and it became clearer on what happened and why he had landed her in the first place. Like I said, that was always a bit of a surprise.

This guy, his family had a business, and his parents kind of spoiled him. They gave him a job that would normally pay maybe $ 35K a year, and they paid him $ 60K. Well, with that extra money, he had spend it all on that girl who became his wife.

Why am I telling you this?

Because a lot of guys get sucked into this trap, and it can have some serious ramifications down the road. Get used to buying a woman’s attention and affection, and you will never really have it. And you might end up divorced a few years later and she will be able to take your money with her.

Why would a guy get caught in a trap like this?

Well, like I said, this guy had literally NO success at all with women before. And so, he felt like he was “unworthy” and the only way to make himself worthy was to spend money on a girl. Instead of developing the social skills and the attraction skills to attract beautiful women, he took the easy route.

How can YOU avoid this trap?

By discovering what really attracts women, by developing some core skills that literally creates attraction with a woman the moment that you meet her, you don’t have to take the easy way out and rely on money to attract a woman. Because at some point, she is going to come to the conclusion that she NEEDS to have a man that makes her feel that way, and she will end up finding one.

And that could end in a divorce, an affair, or just leaving you in the dumps. You need to be able to have those skills that make you attractive to women, and more importantly, you have to BELIEVE that you are in the same league as her. If you DO have that belief, then you will never try to “buy” a woman’s affection.