Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring – A New Review

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring – A New Review

In a recent article, I mentioned that Ann Sieg’s ebook, The 7 Lies Of Network Marketing was one of the founding documents of Attraction Marketing. The other founding document is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. It is strange that two ebooks written so recently (2006 & 2007) could be the founding documents of anything, but in my opinion they are. The online world moves fast, and the Attraction Marketing model for Network Marketing is coming into maturity, and that fact is due largely to the efforts of these two people.

Ms. Sieg is very blunt in describing the marketing methods used in traditional MLM. Once you read her ebook, Mr. Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is the next logical step. Even if you only partially agree with The 7 Lies, your question might be, OK, what next? Magnetic Sponsoring gives you the foundation of how to become effective in your MLM business.

The new way has come to be called Attraction Marketing because you are making yourself attractive to MLMers and potential MLMers by offering solutions to their problems. Dillard will talk about the science of attraction – what makes one marketer attractive, and another marketer not so attractive. Remember, he’s not talking physical attraction here. If he had been talking about that, half the Attraction Marketing millionaires out there would never have made a dime. In this case, attraction is based on your value to others. How you create this value, how you develop it, how you apply it, how you become a recognized expert; these are all part of the science of attraction.

You will have to realize that your MLM company is not your business; it is a valuable tool in your business. When you read Magnetic Sponsoring, you will discover why personal development is such an important part of the puzzle. Everyone who has become a successful Network Marketer is constantly reading and listening to things that will improve themselves and their businesses. Marketing is what ultimately determines your success. You will come to realize that your business is marketing. It is not skin lotion, healthy juices, vitamin supplements, legal services, or any other MLM product. I mean no disrespect to any company’s product or services, but your business is marketing. Dillard devotes several chapters to marketing, and they are the best in depth overview of how this business works I have seen. Successful people use this book as a resource and refer to it just to keep themselves on track.

Mike Dillard has made a great deal of money in this business, and at this writing, he is beginning to move on other directions. At this time he has a webinar online that describes our current financial situation and how to best prepare yourself to be profitable in it. No matter what direction Dillard goes, it does not diminish his contribution to this industry.

If you are in Network Marketing, or even thinking about it, these 2 ebooks will be an extremely valuable resource to get you started on the right foot.